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    Need Major Help with 20gb 4th gen!!!

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    Want Detailed Info On Every Mac Ever Made? also
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    Running Windows on your Mac

    So this guy is starting a contest to see who can get XP running natively on a new Intel Mac:
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    Windows on the new mac?

    More detailed and technical thread:
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    I keep geting the problem of disk write / read error

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    malloc memory objective-c class

    What is "elements"? Post your code where you're calling it from.
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    malloc memory objective-c class

    What's the error you're getting? It compiled and ran fine for me.
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    have idea..where to go?

    Zip files don't necessarily mean Windows. Zip is just a way of compressing files. Mac OS X supports zip files out of the box, so more and more Mac programs are being compressed with zip. Download the file here: and when it's done, open the zip...
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    Apple Announces MacBook Pro

    It's as easy as lipo -remove <arch> <input_file> -o <output_file where arch = "ppc" or "i386" :)
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    have idea..where to go?

    There already is a Mac version:
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    unknown device when i plug it in

    yeah first fix problems with your computer, then reinstall iPod/iTunes software if you're still having driver issues.. you may want to go to Apple's discussions web page where they have more people who can help you with your PC. We're all Mac users, and can't really help with troubleshooting...
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    unknown device when i plug it in

    The power of the search ;)
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    I keep geting the problem of disk write / read error

    You tried restoring your iPod?
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    PodCasts Duplicating

    Yes delete them manually.
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    Help with 60GB iPod with video

    Disconnect your iPod. Close iTunes. Upgrade to latest version of iPod software and iTunes. Restart. Then try connecting the iPod again and updating with iTunes. Do you have all OS X updates installed?
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    Ipod wont mount!

    If doesn't work, call Apple.
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    iPod Video Screen Brightness

    Nope, sorry. I'm not sure why they removed the Contrast setting from the current generation..
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    iPod's disk mode

    If you're transferring files from your school's computers, make sure they allow you to connect your iPod to the computer. Some school's disable things like that.. but if they allowed your USB flash drive to work, I'm sure they'd allow a removable hard drive.