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    Relative Symbolic Link

    Is it possible to create a symlink that uses a relative path instead of an absolute one?
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    Running Windows on your Mac

    I just posted this over on MacRumors, but I'll post here for discussion. Here's how I understand it: First: Macs use EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), which is open source. EFI is the modern replacement for BIOS. EFI does support legacy BIOS, however it's up to the distributor (Apple) to...
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    WMV Done Right, by Microsoft!

    Microsoft is now distributing Flip4Mac's WMV QuickTime components for free! Previously shareware, Flip4Mac's WMV software makes WMV and WMA playback on the Mac transparent. This is huge news!
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    iTunes 6.0.2 Released

    Available in Software Update. - iTunes is now a Universal Binary - Includes the "MiniStore" (Edit > Hide MiniStore to turn it off) Not sure what else is new though.
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    Intel Ad

    Apple's new Intel ad. Check it out
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    Apple Announces MacBook Pro

    drool here Things to note: - dual core! Prices: $2000 and $2500 - 15" only - new magnetic power connector so if it gets yanked, it comes off loosely instead of taking your computer with it - built-in iSight - FrontRow and remote - modem not built-in (sold separately) - serial ATA - one FW 400...
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    REALbasic to Gain Cocoa Support

    link An interesting new thing from REAL Software. I wonder if the actual IDE will be reworked in Cocoa?
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    Disk Mode

    I'm testing my iPod, and noticed when disk mode is disabled, and you connect your iPod to your computer with iTunes not open, the iPod is setup as if disk mode is enabled. But with iTunes open, it behaves fine. It's as if the settings for disk mode being off only apply when iTunes is open...
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    GCC Missing Header File

    I'm trying to compile some code in cygwin in Windows, and it's trying to include <ar.h>. This header exists at /usr/include/ but GCC doesn't see it, it just says I tested the exact same code on my Mac and it worked fine: Is there something I have to do in GCC or somewhere else to let it know...
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    Shuffle's USB = Dead

    OK I think my shuffle's USB connection is dead. When I connect it to my Mac, my PC or another PC, it won't connect. But just the other day it was working fine on my Mac! The shuffle works fine and plays music like normal, but I can't connect it to any computer :( I tried resetting it, but I'm...
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    Podcast - A New Definition

    From (via Hilarious!
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    Why use Linux?

    I'm extremely bored right now and am downloading Ubuntu 5.1 Live CD (for PPC) and was wondering for those of you who use Linux and Mac OS X: Why do you use Linux if you have Mac OS X? What applications do you run in Linux that you can't (or do not want to?) run in OS X? Also, do you run...
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    Mono and Visual Studio .NET

    If I compile a C# .NET console application on my PC, will it run without changes on my Mac with Mono installed? Or how about the opposite - if I compile a console app in Mono on my Mac, will it run in Windows without changes? (I could experiment but I'm lazy :p)
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    iPod Crowd - add iTunes?

    How about adding iTunes to the "iPod Crowd" forum? The iPod and iTunes are one and the same virtually now.. it would make sense to put them together under the same topic. What do you think? :)
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    PowerMac G3 Won't Turn On

    I have an old PowerMac G3 I use for software testing running 10.3.9. Yesterday I was downloading/installing some security update, and the power went out. Today was the first time I went to turn it back on, and nothing happens at all when I push the power button :(. I tried a few different...
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    The Revival of Yellow Box?

    Cocoa on Windows Now the whole concept of "Universal Binaries" is much clearer! We also need a French translator for the link in the article (fryke?) :)
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    Will Sell for x86 PowerBook

    Here's the deal. If Apple releases a dual core x86 PowerBook next year that dual boots with XP/Vista without issues, I will seriously consider selling my PM G5 and my PC for it. I used to use my PC for gaming (bought a $400 GPU for it), but I've really only been playing one game on it, and...
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    Error Compiling mimetic

    I'm trying to compile mimetic, a C++ library for extracting MIME info out of emails and such. But I get the following errors (it looks like this is where it starts): ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol ___eprintf /usr/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin8/4.0.1/libgcc.a(_eprintf.o) private...