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    Frequent Ethernet Disconnects, Probable Cause

    Greetings, Reference close thread, Frequent (Ethernet) Disconnects Recap from 2019: Late 2013 Mac Pro, frequent IP disconnects under Systems Sierra and Mojave. All Ethernet, NO Wireless involved. Probable cause found. BLUF: Brother 6545DW print driver software randomly forced the Mac to...
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    Frequent (Ethernet) Disconnects

    Hi, Internet connection goes offline frequently, and this is not about wifi. :) Here's the setup: Mac Pro (the Late 2013) System Sierra 10.12.6 Firefox 62.0.b11 Static IP Ethernet (not wireless) Pace Uverse Modem with wifi always OFF. Downstream ASUS router for Apple TV and other IOT things...
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    The Photofast Air USB3 Adapter, Why not?

    Hello, Searched around for USB3 related message threads, finding none current, here goes. :) This URL reveals fantastic news about the new Photofast Air USB3 adapter. It bumps the MacBook Air to 256 gigs and provides a USB3 port. Price unknown, Release date unknown...
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    Q. for the Programmer Community, "Naming"

    SUBJECT: Software_Application Naming, the "For Mac" Suffix Greetings, Disclaimer: I realize this does not speak for all Mac users. This is merely a users observation. This observation applies to programmers of cross-platform apps. Reference is made to the Avangate "How to Name a Soft_ware...
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    Looking for ATI equivalent to the NVidia GeForce GTX 285

    Hi, I searched around for discussions about the GeForce GTX 285 and couldn't find anything. Last week, I placed a MacMall order for the: Evga NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 Mac 1024MB GDDR3 PCIe Graphics Card. later, they alerted me that the 285 has been discontinued so I called them, and found...
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    Mail's rules won't migrate to System Leopard

    Hi, rules won't migrate from System Tiger to System Leopard. Here's what I did: -- Clean install of System Leopard 10.5.6 onto a new Mac Pro. -- Used Migration Assistment to move files from System Tiger to System Leopard 10.5.6. --'s rules failed to migrate. So, I...
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    "Installed User-Base?"

    Good morning, In '95, MacUser magazine reported that there were (at the time) 20 million Mac users worldwide, compared to over 300 million Pee Cee users. The industry likes to use the hokey term, "installed user-base" to describe the population of users of a particular platform. What are...
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    PC users amused

    Where I work, everything is Pee Cee only; no Macs, no Linux allowed on the property. A hard core PC user finds it amusing that Mac Users (many Mac Users) have experienced the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) upon upgrading to System Leopard. He says that Mac users are "getting what they deserve!" ---
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    iLife 5.0 to 6.0 Upgrade Error

    Hi, A forum search for iLife AND 5.0 AND upgrade yielded a lot of messages but a cursory search from there didn't reveal answer; apologies if it was there and I missed it. Searching around on the Apple website was unproductive. I'm a paid user of properly installed iLife 5.0 with purchase...
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    SD Card Reader vs. USB vs. USB2

    Hi, Performed a cursory search w/o success G-4 667, USB and Firewire capable, but not USB-2 capable. Need to purchase a Secure Digital (SD) media multi-card reader. Looked over a lot of em on various websites, typically manufacturers specs read "USB-2" with no mention of USB...
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    Good News for Apple Employees in USA

    The entire article: Highlights of the article: As in "knowledge transfer" or " You're fired, now go train your replacement!" ?
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    Applescript error NSReceiverEvaluationScriptError: 4

    Hi, This applescript script worked fine until I performed security update SecUpd2005-009Ti to System 10.4.3 tell application "Safari" to activate tell application "System Events" tell application process "Safari" click menu item "Reset Safari…" of menu "Safari" of menu bar 1 try...
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    Powerbook as 2nd Monitor? Can it be done?

    PBG4, System Tiger iBook G3, System Tiger Networked - Yes Hi, Is there a way to use an iBook as a 2nd monitor for the G4 (not mirror but as dual)? Thanks much! Adonsa
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    G4 Dual Apple Monitors Radeon 9000 Connectors Question

    Hi, I sort of came close to getting the answer by searching around, but I think I'm asking the reverse of queries that others posted. G-4 w/ Radeon 9000 dual output graphics card, Output ports are 1 ADC and the other is DVI-I. I would like to get a 2nd Apple 15" ADC monitor, but will...
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    Macintosh Community vs. PC Community

    Just questions, if I may....... Back when windoze 95 went on sale, CNN reported that the size of the PC community was about 500 million worldwide "and that Microsoft expected everyone to go to Windows..." I read somewhere during that time that the size of the Mac community was 20 million (I...
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    Query about the Dot Mac server

    Any apple employee, Hi, What kind of hardware comprises the .Mac server, and where (geographic location) is it located? Another question, if I may? What forum software does this run on? It looks similiar to Jelsoft vBulletin, (especially the...
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    Apple Blunder gives Bill Gates iPod Royalties amounting to Hundreds of Millions

    Apple blunder gives Gates iPod royalty 14 August 2005 Entire Article: .
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    Please don't call it a Macintosh

    Fellow mackers, If it contains an Intel chip, it won't be worthy of the name Macintosh. It'll be an abomination. Recommendation to Apple - name it something else. Do any of Apple's board members or other leadership ever read this website? Regards, Adonsa
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    There is only ONE Reason to buy a Macintosh

    I may get flamed for posting this. Flame me if you must. There is only one reason to buy a Mac. To have vast superiority over the IBM-PC-AT-Clone / now Windows-Intel Industry Standard. To go to the dark side of computing by placing an intel chip inside a Mac is a putrification of...