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    What planet are Apple on ????

    Having just seen the new Macbook I am baffled by what Apple have done. In a time of economic downturns and cost cutting on a grand scale by both individuals and businesses who on earth thought that redesigning these systems resulting in a £200+ price increase was a good idea ? One of the most...
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    Off network login problem

    I have a Powerbook user who is having problems logging in when not connected to the network. In common with all other Mac portables it is bound to the Active Directory domain with a mobile account being created. When the machine is not physically connected to the network and the user tries to...
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    Mobile Account Problem

    I run a number of macs on an Active Directory domain and they are configured to use mobile accounts so they can be logged into off the network. This has so far worked perfectly. We have recently purchased a couple of Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo systems and while they work fine when connected to...
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    Safari Problem with 10.4.3

    I have been happily using Safari with no problems since installing Tiger. Since3 upgrading to 10.4.3 it has become so unstable that it is not usable. It crashes out asking if I would like to re-open it or close it. Firefox 1.5 Beta is working with no issues. I used the combo updater and...
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    SMB shares and Tiger

    I am having trouble connecting to some smb shares since installing Tiger. If I login using a local account I can connect to these shares via go to server or by browsing with no problem at all. However is I login against the Active Directory I get a -36 error if I go to server and if I try and...
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    10.4 Software Update Server

    Does anyone have any experience with this, specifically can you remotely install using it without entering the admin password on the workstations as you can with Remote Desktop ?
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    Powerbook G3 Breaking

    I have an old Powerbook G3 which I have was trying to upgrade to OSX 10.2, however when I switch it on it chimes as normal and after a few seconds makes a noise like a cross between a hammer on metal and breaking glass through the speakers and I have no idea of the cause ? Can anybody...
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    Turn Off Keychains

    Does anybody know of a way to permanently disable keychains as they are causing me significant problems ?
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    Analog video to a Mac

    Does anybody know af a USB analog video converter that will work under OSX. I need to import some old VHS videos for conversion to DVD ?
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    Change Default Browser & Mail Client

    Does anyone know how to change the default web browser and e-mail client from Safari and Mail. I need to change the e-mail client to Outlook 2001 running under Classic so that it will open when a mail link is selected in the browser. Any suggestions gratefully received.