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    Print Window in OS X??

    In Pre-OS X days, if you open up a folder and you have a list of files, you can go to (File -->> Print Window...) and it prints the contents of that folder. I hope that they didn't completely remove this feature. Using grab and taking a screen shot will work if you can view all the...
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    Print Window in OS X??

    Does anyone know if you can print a window in OS X?
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    Lasso Lite 3.6.5 for Mac OS X, Apache, MySQL

    Has anyone been successful in using Lasso Lite 3.6.5 w/MySQL on OS X? I successfully installed Lasso Lite 3.6.5 but I have been unable to install MySQL. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Genaro iMac RevA 233 128 MB Ram 4 GB HD OS X Beta