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    How to convert between date formats on the command line

    How would I convert a string, such as 2012-01-31 18:54:55 +0000 into the format of the date -j -f "%a %b %d %T %Z %Y" "`date`" "+%s" i.e., Epoch time?
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    Help with multiple input redirections in find -exec command {}

    I currently have a cron job that clears out all files in a scratch directory that are older than 14 days: find SomeDirectory -ctime +14 -print -exec rm -R {} \; > ~/Library/Logs/delete.log 2>&1 I run it once every night, and it makes sure that this directory doesn't grow out of bounds...
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    Need copy of Acrobat 4 installation CD

    Hi: I have found myself needing to resurrect some old files that were created under Mac OS. To that end I need a copy of the Acrobat 4.0 CD. I do have the installation code from back then (1998 or so). Is there anyone who could help? Dominik Hoffmann
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    Why does ZFS volume look like a DMG?

    I installed zfs-119 on a PowerMac G4 running 10.5.5 without problems. I then formatted three drive mechanisms with these commands diskutil partitiondisk /dev/disk0 GPTFormat ZFS %noformat% 100% diskutil partitiondisk /dev/disk1 GPTFormat ZFS %noformat% 100% diskutil partitiondisk /dev/disk2...
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    Swapping hard drives in an Xserve drive module

    I am aware of the fact that the G4 Xserve models use different drives from the G5 and Intel Xserves, whose drive modules are interchangeable. If I buy a used Xserve with small-capacity drive modules, what type of drive mechanism should I buy, in order to make an upgrade-swap? Likewise, what...
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    Buggy E-flag in Tiger's rsync

    I just discovered the -E flag in Tiger's rsync, which is supposed to signal to rsync to preserve the "extended attributes," that is, the file attributes and the resource forks of files during synchronization operations. Prior to Tiger, there were alternatives to the standard rsync that had to be...
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    mount_webdav not playing nice

    This is sort of a blog of my struggle with mount_webdav. The purpose of making this work is to have a cron job that invokes rsync periodically and has it mirror a directory on my server to a remote WebDAV server (not a .Mac iDisk), to which I have write access. Setup: I have a file called...
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    How to quit a background user's application

    Using perhaps AppleScript I would like to have root quit a user's application, even if the user is logged in in the background. What I mean by being logged in in the background is that after logging in another user logs in through the "Fast User Switching" process without logging out the first...
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    Where to post job opening

    In the near future I will be looking to hire an IT professional with strong Mac OS X experience. I would love to post the opening here in these forums. However, I am not sure, whether it is appropriate, at all, or, should it be, in which forum to post it. Could any of you forum moderators please...
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    Is there a bin or sbin folder for the root user?

    If I come up with code or scripts specifically for use by the root user, where would I put it? I want to stay away from /bin/, /sbin, or /usr/bin/ thinking (rightly or not?) that those are for binaries that come with stock installs. Dominik Hoffmann
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    Converting SMB shortcuts to AFP aliases

    Does anyone here know the internal format of a Windows shortcut or the AFP aliases? I would like to write a cron job for walking through a hierarchy, augmenting Windows shortcuts with AFP aliases and Unix symlinks and vice versa. Dominik Hoffmann
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    ping inside of crontab fails to produce output

    Here is my root's crontab (see my other post on why I have that stuff in there): * * * * * echo `date` -- `ping -c 1 xx.xx.xx.34 | sed -n -e 's/.*0\%.*/up/' -e 's/.*100\%.*/down/' -e "/up/p" -e "/down/p"` >> /var/log/uptime.log * * * * *...
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    How? Using CompuServe as ISP through Network pref pane

    A colleague of mine has to travel to Turkey where our Earthlink dial-up account only provides access in Ankara (the capital) and Izmir. Istanbul, which is by some metrics in the top 10 of largest cities in the world, is not included. Therefore we opted for a trial CompuServe account. Compuserve...
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    Best ISP for overseas coverage?

    We use Earthlink for dial-up Internet access when we're travelling where there is no WiFi or Ethernet. I found that Earthlink has very spotty coverage in Turkey, although, I couldn't tell how they do elsewhere. Could you please share your experience with coverage of your ISP overseas...
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    How to set up Win Primary Domain Controller

    For quite some time, I have been trying to set up our server running Mac OS X Server 10.2.3 as a Windows Primary Domain Controller (PDC). With the help of other posts I found, which seems to based on Mac OS X Server 10.1.x, however. Also, with...
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    How to backup with tape drive on Xserve

    I am wondering about people's opinions on how to back up an Xserve. Of course Retrospect is an option. However, I'd prefer to use a solution that a Unix administrator who's never worked with Mac OS X would be comfortable with. What are some of the standard ways people back up their Unix boxes...
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    How to copy an application over SSH

    I am wondering how I can copy an application over an SSH connection. I tried to tar and gzip it, but it lost its resource fork. I tried to launch a remote AppleScript that would instruct DropStuff to compress the app, but it wouldn't work, beause, presumably, I need to be logged in through...
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    New driver for Realtek Ethernet card works in OS X

    I just realized that in early July Realtek released revised drivers for Ethernet cards using their RTL8139 chip set. These are for use with Mac OS X (>= 10.1). I just installed them on my PowerMac 7500 upgraded with a PowerLogix 400 MHz G3 card running OS X 10.1.5. For the first time I have...
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    Seemingly non-corrupt Postscript Type I fonts crash MS-Word

    Ever since I installed Mac OS X on my G4 I have been having problems with my legacy Adobe Type I Postscript fonts. Since installing the system from scratch a second time, the system at least recognized the fonts in /Library/Fonts/. I also observed that some of the fonts simply dragged over from...