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    iphoto slideshow with music through airtunes

    I bought airtunes to get rid of all my cables. The only cable to my Imac G5 is the power cable (i also have bluetooth mouse and keyboard). :-) I'm trying to play an iphoto slideshow with music. This works fine, but i would like to hear the music on my stereo through airtunes. Just like...
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    driver for ATI Radeon X850 XT

    Im looking for a ATI Radeon X850 XT driver but can't find it anywhere. doesn't even mention the X850 XT on their website and the latest driver update (jan 2005) supports only the X800. Now when i open ATI Display application it says: unknown card. I got the card through someone...
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    Connect firewire HD to Mac & PC

    Hi all, I just bought a maxtor 200 GB firewire harddisk. The thing i can't figure out is how i can connect it to a pc, put files on it and then connect it to my mac and copy the files to my internal HD. I tried to format it as mac, fat and linux...but it doesn' work. Back in the old...
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    how to burn a SVDVD?

    --- Does anyone know how to burn a SVDVD? ---- I have multiple mpg2 files that i would like to burn on a DVD. I'm low on $ at the moment so i don't want to waste any dvdr's. maybe mac can't but is Virtual PC a solution? will my superdrive work with nero to burn a SVDVD? Thnx, Felipe