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  1. Alex

    US iPhone to Germany then back?

    I have a unique question for you all... I purchased a iPhone when they first came out, when I was home on leave from Germany. When I'm back in Germany, is it possible to use their service natively? I don't want an international roaming package or anything like that... I'm guessing the...
  2. Alex

    Sony DigitalCamera

  3. Alex

    U.S. Government switcher observations

    Amazon seems to ship to us, I might go with them. BTW Im headed to Germany in about 11 months =) Ramstein! Good luck in your fight, If you wish to talk to me, feel free to contact me via AIM AK4K. Later!
  4. Alex

    U.S. Government switcher observations

    Well I'm surprised to find this. My good buddy Kainjow told me after I was complaining to him. See I'm an American, US Air Force member, overseas... Korea to be exact. My iPod mini decided to take a poop on me, and delete all my music. It also doesn't like to hold a charge. So I figure its...
  5. Alex

    Time For Some Change...

    ::ha:: Good work Scott... Looks good, impressive =)
  6. Alex

    [HOWTO] - Removing extra photoshop "Open With" options.

    Awesome, You know I thought I had something going on goofy in there... You made my day =)
  7. Alex

    Help me shut down this scam please

    Kudos to you all for trying to shut this down. I just moved it to The Cafe.
  8. Alex

    Shut down computer by keyboard?

    Thread moved to System & Software.
  9. Alex

    how do i put pictures in posts?

    Thread Moved. See:
  10. Alex word association!

  11. Alex

    Powermac form factor change

    As i understood the question he was asking about the case not the internals. As for the case, I'll second what ElDiablo said, that if there are goign to be changes, they'll likely be optical drives or different ports in the rear. The over all case design is still knew, and its likely it wont...
  12. Alex

    Powermac form factor change

    I REALLY doubt we'd see a chassis change. Im no expert, but from what i can remember the G4 case stayed the same for quite a long time before it got any upgrades. The PowerMac G5 is relatively new. I'm willing to bet it'll be around for a little while longer.
  13. Alex


    I have to nominate Pod2Go. Creator: Kainjow Software URL: This app rocks. You take your iPod with you everywhere, sometimes its not appropriate to be jamming to music. Use Pod2Go to read up on latest mac news, world news, email... the list seems endless...
  14. Alex

    Delicious Library

    Absolutly great product. I love it, I dont know what else to say. Its got all my dvd's and most of my books organized. I just have to find the time to scan all my stuff =). If only the iSight was wireless so i could just bring it to my book case and scan them with out having to take all my...
  15. Alex

    Problem with wireless optical mouse.

    Run Software Update. I had a InteliMouse, and before 10.3.8 it gave me all these weird issues. Also, Microsoft has drivers for the Mac, maybe try installing them, they may be newer than the ones you have.
  16. Alex

    My Powerbook 12" takeapart, upgrade & pics

    Awesome. I love seeing people upgrading their Macs... I had Planned on doing something similar to my Mac mini, giving it a speedy 7200 RPM drive then using a firewire enclosure. But I'll wait on that ::ha:: Nice stuff, enjoyed the pictures.
  17. Alex

    Imac G5 20" NOISY FAN, just arrived and FAULTY??

    I was at an Apple store recently, and someone brought in their iMac. The Genius said they were having some problems with fans running too fast and what not.. I'd call Apple/ visit the Apple Store.
  18. Alex

    Grip your hook that CLICKS

    Ask for the "Floor Supervisor". Works for me, each time...
  19. Alex

    Mac mini 1GB ram wont work!

    The gaming PC i built, i used Mushkin... No problems, great price. Anyone got any ideas about my ram, Im planning on bringing it to a pc friend, test it in his pc. But I mean, it DOES look like its the same type of ram, same specs, right?!
  20. Alex

    Mac mini 1GB ram wont work!