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  1. sinclair_tm

    G4 iBook fan only coming on.

    I have a G4 iBook, 1Ghz, 1.25gig RAM with Airport. I normally just sleep the thing, and when I went to wake it, I got the login window, then I started trying in my password. Half way through it seemed to lock up. I had to yank the battery to turn it off. I put the battery back in and try to...
  2. sinclair_tm

    Changing wireless speed on MBP

    Macbook Pro running Tiger. After latest AirPort update it no longer connects to a Netgear Wireless-b router. Is there a way to force the MBP to run at wireless-b speeds instead of autodetecting?
  3. sinclair_tm

    edit system spell checker

    ok, i'm a really bad speller, so when apple added spell checking to the os, i thought it was a godsend. well, i just got my 1st laptop, an used ibook g4. i love it, but the keyboard is smaller than i'm used to, so my spelling is even worse. and on top of that, i'm still learning to use the...
  4. sinclair_tm

    pc floppies to vpc image

    i just got virtual pc 7 and want to install the copy of msdos 6 that i have, and its on about a dozen floppies. how do i make disk images of the floppies so that i can install dos in the vpc? i do own a pc to read the floppies, and its on the network with my da. i also have an older ppc 8600...
  5. sinclair_tm

    ibook that is in a constant panic

    ok, g4 ibook, 1ghz, 1.25gig ram, airport g card, 30gig hd, combo drive, ati radeon 32mb video, 12in lcd, aka, early 2004. i bought it used for school from owc, and it came with 10.3 and a bunch of stuff on it. 1st thing i did was install 10.4 and updated it to 10.4.10. i also installed g4 fan...
  6. sinclair_tm

    mpeg4 video doesn't play

    ok, my hardware is as stated in my sig. software is all uptodate. the problem happens in both itunes and quicktime player, and with video i download from itms, rip with handbrake (using the ipod preset), or converted from elgato's eyetv2 (using the export to ipod video recommended setting)...
  7. sinclair_tm

    any mac hams out there?

    i just recently got my amateur radio license (general class), and a nice handheld radio (a kenwood th-d7ag). not only am i looking for some fellow mac hams to make contact with, but also see if any know of any good ham software for the mac that i can use with my handheld, or even without.
  8. sinclair_tm

    razr v3 and mac

    due to a long, and sad, story, i had to get a new cell phone. so i got a motorazr v3. yes its a older model, but it was listed on apple's site as isync-able. well, i got it to pair with the mac no problem, and it even copied my contacts with numbers over, as well as my calendar. but as its...
  9. sinclair_tm

    constaint panic

    this evening i turned on my mac, after it got to the desktop, i started launching my apps, and then it froze. i hit the restart button and it rebooted, but locked up before getting to the gui. it paniced. i took a pic of the screen. so after unplugging all extra usb/firewire devices, the...
  10. sinclair_tm

    attachments not working

    as i was trying to post a bug on the vip ad coving things, i wanted to attach a screen shot, but the forums would not seem to upload, and in fact the forum seemed to lock up, making all the buttons at the top of the reply box not work until i reloaded the page. using latest safari on 10.4.8.
  11. sinclair_tm

    vip add in the way

    ok, check this out. as you can see, that stupid vip ad is over the site navigation, and makes it so i can't click on the links to navigate in the forums. and it makes it hard to read. it needs to be moved up by a bit. using latest safari on 10.4.8.
  12. sinclair_tm

    can't get to open firmware

    i have a digital audio with an upgraded cpu and video card, and use a microsoft keyboard. i start up my mac, and as soon as it has bonged, i hold down command, option, O, and F and it turns the screen off, then back on, and then goes to the select boot disk mode. what am i doing wrong to get...
  13. sinclair_tm

    stoping lcd monitor scaling

    ok, look at my sig to see what i have as far as my setup. now for the question, is there a way in os x to keep it from scaling the screen when it is set to lower resolutions on a lcd (mine being a viewsonic va712b)? example: native on my screen is 1280x1024, but i set the resolution to...
  14. sinclair_tm

    itunes lib to mac from pc.

    ok, i have just over 40gigs of music/videos in my itunes library on my win pc, and want to move all my music to my mac. but i also want to keep all the ratings, playlists, and song info. what is the best way to do it?
  15. sinclair_tm

    over full pm box on nowonder

    while on nowonder, i noticed that it said my pm box was full. said i had 44 out of 0.
  16. sinclair_tm

    bad remote port?

    i have a 3g ipod (dock with in-line touch buttons), 15gig in size with the latest firmware. i have never gotton aroung to getting a remote for it, because i used it mostly in the car. so i bought an itrip, and it worked fine. well awhile back, i found an italk at a thrift store, and i wanted...
  17. sinclair_tm

    no wonder?

    so when did this thing start? is it part of the new 2.0 forum? and being all the stuff is there, are the two just going to become one? not knowing where else to ask, i ask here.
  18. sinclair_tm

    WTB powerbook duo 280 parts

    hey there. i'm looking for a mini dock the plugs onto the back of my powerbook duo 280 that has an ethernet port on it. or any other device that will add ethernet to my duo while away from home. also, i need a working keyboard for my powerbook duo 280. about the third of the keys on mine either...
  19. sinclair_tm

    flip4mac and imovie

    ok, my question, if i buy flip4mac wmv player pro, will i be able to now drag wmv to imovie and it will import them for editing, and later burning with idvd? also, do i need to add qt pro to the mix, or will the flip4mac plug-in be all that i need for imovie? has anyone else done this?