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    Opening .swf Files per Default with Flash Player

    I really have to watch my words right now, cause Mac OS X is driving me mad with something really stupid: I did a CD with Flash MX a few days ago, and made a Projector with Flash. No somehow this has changed the default application for .swf to exactly this Projector, which is of cource...
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    Connect to Server - FTP

    In Jaguar, one can "mount" a FTP Server just like any other server. I tried that, and it seems to work. Except for one problem: I can only see the "logs" folder, and nothing else seems to be on my website. The logs folder was created by my provider, and is owned by "root". Everything else is...
  3. Tigger in 10.2 and 24h

    So, how can I get in Jaguar to display times in the 24h format? I only get 12h format, and there's not even a PM behind. That is so stupid. I see a Mail I got arrived 5:43. Uh, that one got up early. Nope, truly that mail was send at 17:43 I think in 24h format, and I can't stand...
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    "Duplicate class" error in PB

    Hi, I am hacking together some program with Java and Project Builder (it is a program with a Cocoa Frontend, so I can't use another IDE). Now I got the error: "Duplicate class" on some of my classes. A quick search in Google gave me the page for PB 1.1 where the "Duplicate class" error was...
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    Switch campaign - the other way round

    Apple has its switch campaign going to get Windows users to the Mac platform. Now, with Apple don't getting quite the performance on par with the current PCs, I found myself thinking about buying a PC as my next Computer. Now I thought it would be interesting to see how many of us also...
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    iTools Online Mailer

    Yesterday I happily read mails from my iTools account on a PC at school. Today, I try to login, and I get the message: "Sorry, this iTool is only available on Macintosh". Yeah, great. What is up with that? Sorry Apple, but I won't get my school to buy Macintoshs so that I can read my...
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    Updating Mac OS X while still working

    I am just updating to 10.1.4, and still am surfing, listen to mp3... Some friends of mine said it would be mad to do anything while making a system update.
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    Apple Script and Resource Fork

    Hello, I got a little Applescript droplet that attaches files to a email. Now I would like to get this script to look if the file that is dropped on it has a resource fork, and if it does, prompt it or do something about that. (The problem is that sends the resource fork along with...
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    Huge image sizes when loading down with IE

    Please try the following: Take some picture that you find anywhere on the internet, and load it down to your desktop. Look at the file size. Then do the same with Omniweb. Look at the file size. With OW, I get normal filesizes, with IE, they are bigger than they shoud be! A 20 kB...
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    How many people got a Soundblaster Live?

    Hello, I have the Soundblaster Live for Mac, and I am still waiting for the OS X drivers. Now I would like to know how many people are with me... :)
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    Deleting temporary addresses in the address book

    Have you ever tried deleting a address in the Address Book application? Every time I try this, I just get the "Beachball of Death", nothing happens, and I have to force quit the addressbook... But I want to delete the temporary mail addresses that I know I won't ever mail again in...
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    10.1.2 and F12

    I just tried the F12 key, that opened my CD-drive up to 10.1.1 Now in 10.1.2, it does nothing. What is up with that? Did Apple dedide to kill one more feature in this update or what? :confused:
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    Problems copying files from Windows boxes

    When I connect to a Windows-Server via smb, and start to copy a large file to my HD, my Computer gets really slow. Just as I type this, I am copying a 2GB file, and the letters apear more than a second later. The mouse cursor moves like it is dropping frames, it gets really hard to hit...
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    New Trash problem?

    I have a folder that just does not want to go out of my Trash. No, it is not a permission problem. When I try to delete this folder in the Terminal, it just is NOT there. It looks like the Trash is empty. But in the finder, This damn folder is there! Please help, because the only option I...
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    Programming Open GL with Project Builder

    Hi, I just tried to the Tutorial on for Mac OS X. I can compile the app, but I cannot get it running. The compile/run icon turns to the stop-sign, but then nothing happens. I am new to C programming, and I don't know the Project Builder very well. I...
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    You are gonna hate this

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    Funny Terminal burn in effect

    Has anyone else noticed this funny burn in effect in the Terminal? I have set my Terminal to white text on black background, Transparency 80%. When I open Top, and leave it a while on screen, it gets burned in the background, you slightly see the text still standing there, even if you hit...
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    Import adressbook from German Outlook Express

    Hello, I am trying to import my adressbook from Outlook to the Adressbook App in X. But it doesn't work. I think this is because I try to import from a German Outlook Express, and the headlines in the export file are German. Can somebody please send me the correct English names of the...
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    Virtual PC on X

    I wrote a E-Mail to Connectix asking if there is an option to upgrade to the OS X version of Virtual PC for people that buy VP now. This is the answer I got: We will now more in 60 days...
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    X not booting with CD in drive

    I had this problem that X suddenly did not want to boot. After trying around with removing the SCSI card and other things (even a full reinstall), I found out that if a CD is in my drive, it just does not want to boot. It does not matter what CD is in it.