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  1. ApeintheShell

    Screen issue on Power Mac 9500

    I picked up an old Power Mac for graphic/video work. But when I got the new iMac I gave it away to my Uncle. He uses it for the internet, instant messaging, and email. It has Mac OS 9 on the hard drive but he told me via phone that when he boots up it shows a checker board. What can he do to get...
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    Can't you C ?

  3. ApeintheShell

    iPod Battery Settlement

    I just got my $50 store credit in the mail today but I am trying to figure out what to purchase. I don't have a new iPod Video and the purchase is only toward Apple Branded Hardware and Software which is limited. Any suggestions? You get yours yet?
  4. ApeintheShell

    iCal problem

    Hi, I have been using iCal for quite a long time to manage my events and so on and it is all in order. The problem is that some events that I limit to certain days are repeating everyday on the iPod. Is this a bug?
  5. ApeintheShell

    iPod for Dad

    So I took my Dad to the Apple Store the other day and he was playing with the iPod mini. Of course, I filled him in on all the things I knew but one concern he has is contacts. He uses an online database called but I do not think it is compatible with the vcard format. Does...
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    AAC Audio CDs

    Recently, my zipCD-RW has stopped working with iTunes since i upgraded to 4.2. Is there any solution to this? Also, if i get it working how can i burn AAC to a cd. Is there another kind of cd format I must have to do this. Does Apple have a certain function in the codec that lets it burn to cd...
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    There is a Panther in My Closet Mommy

    I was visiting in Colorado Springs yesterday and attempted to repair my Aunt's Compaq comnputer. I saw an alternate blue screen of death when i changed the monitor resolution. Quite fun time I had. So she admitted that maybe I was right those years I told her a Mac was a better purchase. She...
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    Creature from the Fink Lagoon

    alright i installed my first application, micq via fink. It told me to use the dpkg and it worked out fine. However, i can't install with fink itself for example, i enter sudo fink install xpilot 1) it tells me it does not exist 2) it asks me to choose an alternative to satisfy the...
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    Touch -t

    i have a whole list of commands written down in pico and stubled upon touch -t in the unix visual quickstart guide. I managed to update one file to the current date but how do i update an entire list? the reason: my computer defaults to Jan 1970 or Dec 1969 so I would prefer to know when i...
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    Can't you C ?

    A just found a good C primer book in our basement. I've read the intro and it says i need a editor and compiler. I tried doing some coding in text edit but it doesn't save right. Apparently i can compile in unix, not so sure. But i need a text editor. 1) Will pico be able to save my...
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    Be my friend

    I heard from a switcher that she used a mac os x buddy to learn the ins and outs of the system. It was via IM. Is there a unix buddy out there? unix books and figuring it out as i go hasn't helped much.
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    Java Games

    Although there are some java games out there that are clones of old classics I want to develop a new game. Is java a good language, and if not what are some better one's?
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    I'm interested in running Wine on Apple's X11. I can't find on any download for the x-window system and only instructions related to linux installation. Can i install a linux distro on the X-windows system? Is Wine a better option than Windows emulators? Do I need Fink or...
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    Problems starting lynx

    i installed the lynx package from apple's webpage and went to their online help but there is no documentation how to get the app started it is located in /usr/local/bin so i tried sudo open /usr/local/bin/lynx then lynx then lynx what is the command to start this web...
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    Midi to MP3 Converter

    I've been searching versiontracker for a week now looking for a program that will convert my midi's to MP3. Likewise, i only found a command line app that doesn't install. Does anyone know of one that could convert midi to mp3 or aiff?
  16. ApeintheShell

    Mac OS 9.1 Finder Quits a lot

    My brother has an iBook 500 with Mac OS 9.1 / 10.1 But he cannot find start-up disk control panel and the extensions folder is messed up. Also when he has left AOL or Internet Explorer on for a while the finder quits. Is there a disk utility he should be loading that will improve performance?
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    Star Wars

    early this year i went to a college in vermont. Besides a switcher i was the only person on the campus that used a mac. It was intimidating to be around so many pc users and told mac sucks, buy a dell, everytime i went to class. So while i was in a friend's dorm room he said i was the only...
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    terminal won't display new shell

    i started up the terminal today to write a paper in pico and it wouldn't display the shell. I tried stretching it and than went to preferences for the window and it showed 2500 columns 5 rows. That normal? anyone seen this sort of anomally?
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    This is the left speaker

    I've been reading mac news and rumors and so far i'm not amused. It has its good moments when i actually get to see new products come out of ridiculous rumors. _ But it seems like im breaking some mysterious code of honor for being an owner of a macintosh. The mac community...
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    Speakable Items

    In Mac OS X 10.2 i turned on the speakable items controls because my keyboard is jacked up/ HAVE TO be very