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  1. vjmacaddict

    PM9600 System Error Type -127

    Our PM9600 was working just fine, until this morning. It started to boot, loaded all the extensions, then the bomb!! System error type -127. I tried rebooting several times, same problem. Tried booting from Norton, Tech Tool Pro, and Disk Warrior, but the same error appears. I tried holding...
  2. vjmacaddict

    WTB: Garage Band ...

    I'm looking for Gargage Band, so I can record my audio music from cassette tapes to CDs. Thanks. -- vja4Him +_+_+_+_+
  3. vjmacaddict

    Record Audio Tapes to CDs ... ???

    What would be the cheapest, easiest, and best way to record music from our audio tapes onto CDs? I would be using my G4 iBook, running OS X 10.4.11. Thanks.
  4. vjmacaddict

    WTB PM9600 with 560W Power Supply

    I would like to find a Power Mac 9600 with the 560W power supply to replace our PM7300. I'm hoping that the G3 500mhz CPU upgrade in the 7300 will work in the 9600? I need a machine that is still in very good to excellent condition and fully functional. Thank you! -- vja4Him +_+_+_+_+_
  5. vjmacaddict

    Which HD and Case to Buy???

    I need an external, large capacity (350GB +) HD for my iBook G4. Can anyone recommend a good HD and case? I need to be able to boot from the external HD. Thanks.
  6. vjmacaddict

    Shared Library Error > Drop Drawers > CarbonLib >

    Drop Drawers X is no longer working on my iBook G4, from the external HD (OS X 10.4.8). It was working just fine until I started my laptop last evening from the external HD. I get an error message: Application Launch Failure The application "(null)" could not be launched because of a...
  7. vjmacaddict

    Burning iPhoto pics to CD ..... ?????

    I tried burning some images from iPhoto onto a CD, but after I burned the pictures, I could not burn anymore pics. Why is this? Is there someway that I can burn pics several different times? The CD was not even close to full, so there was plenty of memory space left on the CD. I need to be...
  8. vjmacaddict

    HD Cooling Problems ?

    I am concerned that the enclosure I purchased (still waiting for the shipment to arrive) Rosewill RX30-U2FA External Enclosure USB 2.0 (USB 1.1) 1 port, FireWire 400 2 ports will not provide enough cooling (no fan), and the HD will not last very long. Can anyone recommend a better...
  9. vjmacaddict

    iBook External Hard Drive/Bootable ?

    I just purchased a Maxtor MaXLine III 7L300RO 300GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA133 Hard Drive, and a Rosewill RX30-U2FA External Enclosure USB/FireWire. Still waiting for the shipment to arrive. My question: Will I need to purchase additional wires/cables or other equipment, in order to install...
  10. vjmacaddict

    Startup User Account ?

    I created a user account for my boys, and now when I boot my iBook, it always boots into my kids account. How can I set my iBook to startup in my account instead? -- vjamacaddict
  11. vjmacaddict

    Disappearing Desktop ??

    My roommate hit either the F10 or F11 key, and held the key down, then everything on the desktop disappeared and went to the borders. Pressing any of the F keys did not bring them back. The colored wheel kept rolling, the desktop folders kept opening and closing all by themselves!! (reduing to...
  12. vjmacaddict

    Require Password Empty Trash ??

    How can I require a password before emptying the Trash? My roommate had one of my important documents in the Trash!! Good thing he didn't empty the Trash, like he has a quick habit of doing!!!
  13. vjmacaddict

    Internal HD/Enclosure for iBook ??

    I've been looking at different internal HDs and enclosures for my G4 iBook (OS X 10.3.9), and found these two items: Maxtor MaXLine III 7L300R0 300GB 7200RPM IDE Ultra ATA133, 16MB cache, 5yr warranty for $177.00, at...
  14. vjmacaddict

    Which External HD Will Boot Tiger?

    I would like to buy an external harddrive for my G4 iBook that will boot with Tiger installed on the external HD. Is that possible? If so, any suggestions which HD to buy? I'd like at least 160GB on the external HD. My internal 60GB HD is nearly full in just one year of use.
  15. vjmacaddict

    How To Stop Minimizing

    How do I stop minimizing? When I double click on the menu bar of a window, the window disappears to the Dock. Also, if I press Command-M, that window disappears to the Dock. How can I stop this annoying feature? -- vjamacaddict, G4 iBook, OS X 10.3.9
  16. vjmacaddict

    Recording Phone Conversations ?

    How can I record phone conversations directly to my G4 iBook? I bought the Multi-Phone Telephone Recorder device from Radio Shack today, and connected it to my iMic, but any sound is being recorded through the built-in mic on the LCD panel. Is there some way to record phone conversations from...
  17. vjmacaddict

    USB Overdrive X Settings Not Working

    I just installed USB Overdrive X on my G4 iBook, and the settings are not working. I set the scroll wheel and up/down buttons for faster, but there was no change. I restarted the computer, but still no change. I changed the settings to the fast possible setting, but still no change at all...
  18. vjmacaddict

    Which Mouse To Buy ?

    I'm shopping around for the right mouse, and could sure use some advice/recommendations. I need a mouse for my G4 iBook, and would like to have at least three buttons, with a high quality/accurate scroll wheel. I'd prefer a USB optical mouse, not wireless. I already have a wireless mouse...
  19. vjmacaddict

    Web Hosts Recommendations ??

    I'm looking for an inexpensive (or free?) web host with lots of space for uploading images. Any recommendations? Thanks. -- vjamacaddict, G4 iBook, OS X 10.3.9, Bluetooth, Superdrive
  20. vjmacaddict

    How To Unlock Folders?

    Today I was trying out Freeway and Nvu, and somehow one of the System folders and another folder (and all of the folders within those two major folders) cannot be modified. When I try to drag another file/folder into the restricted folders, a message tells me, "The item .... could not be moved...