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  1. moav

    Ilife 07 at BETT tomorrow

    iLife 07 and the possibility of iWorks 07 will be released tomorrow at BETT. It's good to be back.
  2. moav

    Itunes countdown(date crazy)

    If you set your date to July 15 or after the itunes countdown shows 500,000,000+ downloads. Then I set it for July 2004 and it is counting down backwards from -15000000 kind of strange.
  3. moav

    ibook 12" 800mhz CD-RW 256MB/airport

  4. moav

    embroidery sewing machine software

    Has anyone come across a mac utility for converting different embroidery formats? My mother just purchased a new Kenmore sewing machine that does embroidery and she needs to convert downloaded emboridery designs and designs her friends send through the mail so she can transfer them to her CF...
  5. moav

    24 hours with the new ipod

    Just wanted to get peoples impressions of the new ipod. Overall, in this day an age it's a 5/5. Tomorrow of course as with any product it will seem dated. The only gripes I have from the old form factor is that the hold button is difficult to access. The next version should do away with it...
  6. moav

    itunes4 importing lock up

    We'll my girlfriend finally submitted broke down and bought a mac... for the agony = ) I bought her a new ipod yesterday. Today I have been trying to import her cd collection (only about 200 cds) and then transfer them to her ipod. The first 10-20 cds went without a hitch. However, no I am...
  7. moav

    os x server not talking to windows

    For about 2 years we haven't had any problems talking to our pcs on our network. We have one mac that we used to use as our publishing machine and basically server when 10.2 came out. Well we decided to upgrade to 10.2 server since we are gonna ad a few more pcs and about 3 more macs and wanted...
  8. moav

    dedicated hosting & xserve

    One way or another I've had a website hosted by someone for nearly 6 years. I think I paid about $800 a month way back when. Now you can get decent hosting for under $15.00 a month. However, there seems to be a trend of people going to dedicated machines since the costs have gone down so much...
  9. moav

    Al Gore...Apple's next CEO

    So, after finishing off some sour cream and onion chips and some dip(not the leafy kind) I had this epiphany that Jobs is actually molding Al Gore to take over the reigns of Apple. If Bush wins the election this year Gore will have 4 years at the helm and then back into politics he goes. Winning...
  10. moav

    voice (phone) to data (database) where to look

    This really isn't a mac or pc question... but I am trying to figure out how to convert phone voicemail messages into text. Why you ask?? We'll this is why I need something to do this unless you guys have a better idea. Our business recieves about 1000 phone messages a day requesting free...
  11. moav

    pixar to buy universal

    I think this is playing out more like a star wars movie then we think. Apple has denied anything to do with these talks... though we know for certain Steve has been seen on numerous occasions in Lenoir. What if in fact from a certain point of view Steve was telling the truth and that Apple...
  12. moav

    IBM new swivel monitor, is Apple next?

    Well it looks like IBM is starting a new line of swivel flat panel monitors. I'm wondering if this is something Apple will start to integrate into their line in the near future. Probably wouldn't be for a while since they just came out with a new batch a few weeks back but just thinking...
  13. moav

    Macs at NASA again

    I remember around 1999 there was talk of NASA dumping all MACs for PCs. Well, I thought that had gone through. After looking at some NASA sites and usage stats it sure looks as if Macs are doing fairly well at NASA. The only thing that is a bit upsetting is that sometime in 2000 they were...
  14. moav

    software to control desktop of others

    I'm trying to find out what software is out there that will let me take control of my friends mac... he isn't quite sure how to do some things and would like to be able to move his cursor around and show him where to go... where 2500 miles apart so, i just can't walk across the street.
  15. moav

    10.2.4 two version (combo and normal)??

    What's the difference? Does one include security fixes or something? I'm just to lazy to look.
  16. moav

    10.2.4 killed ichat buddies

    Well, 10.2.4 showed it's ugly face for me for the first time tonight. After asking permission to decrypt the keychain every last one of my buddies disapeared into the deep dark realm of darkness. Where oh where did my buddie(s) go. Well, most everything works well... especially love the speed...
  17. moav

    faster write speed +RW or -RW for DVDs

    Now that the new superdrives can write at 4x with the proper media what does the +RW camp have when it comes to writing to DVDs? If it weren't for companies like Dell I could still love the Soviets.
  18. moav

    Xserves new slot load drive??

    I was just gawking over the new Xserves and I saw the slot loading CD drive. Did I miss this on the last model somehow? The amazing thing is that the area between the slot load and the HD is a mere .68 inches... If I am correct in my assumption then down the road the powerbooks would be able to...
  19. moav

    Help ibook external monitor problems

    I just purchased an ibook for my girlfriend (800 mhz, combo drive) I've tried attaching the monitor cable to 3 external monitors we we have and nothing appears on the screen. I have been able to use them with my powerbook and powermacs but for some reason I don't understand why nothing shows up...
  20. moav

    Powerbooks new lithium prysmatic battery technology

    Can anyone please explain this new adage in laymans terms? Is there any difference from ion or whatever we had in the past? And can someon give us a quick timeline on what the first battery technology was in the Apple through the years of powerbook updates even earlier then the 100 series and...