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  1. Jason

    Apple Refurbished?

    Anyone ever purchase an Apple Refurbished product? If so, what has your experiences been? Thanks! :)
  2. Jason

    Safari and tabs...

  3. Jason

    Nano lawsuit.

    BBC Reports of lawsuit regarding nano...
  4. Jason

    Where do you buy memory?

    Well I've been thinking of loading up the ole PowerMac G4 800 with a bit more memory (going from 896mb to 1.25gb) but it seems memory prices are kinda high. Generic is fine by me, never had a problem. I've always shopped at because they seem to have been cheap and reliable...
  5. Jason

    PS2 Controller w/ USB adapter?

    Does anyone know of an adapter to use a Playstation 2 controller on mac? I just need a controller for simple games, and i would like to use my ps2 controller or should i just go buy a cheap usb controller and hope osx takes care of the drivers?
  6. Jason

    iBook G4 Airport Extreme Probs...

    Well my GF got a new iBook G4, which I told her would be fine with my WiFi network at home (wireless B... regular Airport) but when we get it all set up... it gets 2 or less or no bars, as compared to my G4 and iBook with regular Airport cards. Its a linksys router, ive tried all sorts of...
  7. Jason

    10.3.3 and iChat

    Ever Since upgrading to 10.3.3, iChat has been using 40-70% of my processor usage. Quite frankly its annoying because that combined with 30% safari and 30% iTunes, I can't get anything done... how is it an 800mhz computer cant chat, surf and listen to music at the same time without major major...
  8. Jason

    Make a VCD from AVI?

    well i have a couple avi videos i would like to put on a VCD, one of them is divx, which i have the quicktime plugin for, so toast is fine with that... but the other i dont know what the codec is. it plays in vlc, but nothing else... are there apps that do vcds from avis? or should i somehow...
  9. Jason

    Cmnd-Tab Problem

    For the life of me I cant figure this out... is it possible shapeshifter is causing this? or is this due to something else? :confused:
  10. Jason

    Show us your hats!

    in recognition of a great new hat post pictures of your favorite hats! here are more of mine
  11. Jason

    Show Us Your Halloween Costume!

    mine will be posted before the end of the day :)
  12. Jason

    Belkin iPod Media Reader First Look looks like it does its job to me ;)
  13. Jason

    im sure this was mentioned somewhere.... cool ipod stuffs but most exciting to me is the media card reader, great for loooong shoots or vacations :) *buy* also the voice recorder is great too, good for lectures :) *buy*
  14. Jason

    putting a system on my ipod?

    what would be the easiest way of getting a system onto my ipod?
  15. Jason

    see me work!

    software crapped out, no longer available :confused:
  16. Jason


    someone test my ichat! JHDesign81 :)
  17. Jason

    iSight and Yahoo?

    does the iSight work as a webcam for Yahoo Messenger and other chat programs? I dont care if it has audio or not, but can it be used as a normal webcam?
  18. Jason


    W00T!! Bills scored already *happy dance* :D :D :D
  19. Jason

    FruityLoops Equiv?

    I've been dabbling with music creation and Apple's Soundtrack seems to be limited in what you can actually create (seems to be just a timeline you can put loops in etc) I've heard and tried fruity loops for pc, and it seems to be really nice and simple, is there a program similar etc to it...