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    AOL UK abandons Mac OS X

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    VPC beta serial

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    Formac ProTV & Linux,Unix or X11....and Ricoh

    I have a Formac ProTV PCI card....which doesnt work in OS X. Formac says they are considering the "feasibility" of making a driver for mac os x... but i dont think this will even happen.....they are "considering" for months now. So i was wondering was anyone able to get their Formac ProTV PCI...
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    Chimera has changed its name is reporting that Chimera has changed its name.
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    Will this memory work in a Wallstreet G3 Power

    hi, The title says it all really, nearly.....will this memory work in a Wallstreet G3 Power book. Thanks
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    Flash question

    hi, i wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to make a flash animation which consist of 10 images. I want the images to rotate like a conveyor belt in a repeating loop. I can get them to move across the screen but after the tenth image, it jumps back to the first and repeats. What i...
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    X11 beta version 0.2

    Apple has released a new beta version of X11. You can read about here (shameless plug) :) or at Apples site.
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    Apple to release iMovie 3, iPhoto 2 tomorrow

    MacNN are reporting that "Apple today announced to .Mac members that both iMovie 3 and iPhoto 2 will be available as downloads on January 31st from Apple's Website."
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    Where do i find the DVD player

    Hi, i just got a DVD drive, so when macos X was installing it didnt install the DVD player, as there was no DVD drive present at the time. So can someone please tell me where i can find the DVD player software on the macos X CDs. thanks
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    Gimp & Apple X11

    hi, i have downloaded X11 for apple's site and downloaded xchat ,The Gimp & gtk from "" Xchat is working fine, but i cannot get the the Gimp to start. To start xchat i type "open -a /usr/local/bin/xchat" and it opens....great :D...
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    Internal CDR-CDRW Advice

    hi, i have a beige G3 desktop and i am looking to replace the internal cd drive with a cd-r or cd-rw drive. Could you guys give me advice on which would be the best model to buy that is compatable with Os X. thanks
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    "X For Teachers" In Europe is reporting that apple has started the "X For Teachers", In Europe . Pretty good news if you are a teacher from Europe :D . : Apple :
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    How to clean my IntelliMouse scroll wheel ?

    Hi, I have been using a Microsoft IntelliMouse for the last year (it is is ). Now the scroll wheel seems to be getting a little sticky ( no pr0n jokes please :rolleyes: ) and doesnt seem to "scroll" as well as it used to, but i cannot find away clean it. How can i open the...
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    the rest of the world & iPhoto

    Happy Christmas... After taking some pics of my family & friends over the festive season, I proudly boasted of how i would get my mac to send the pictures to apple and get them printed in a beautiful book format.....sounds good so far. So i organize my book, click on share, click on order book...
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    10.2.3 is out

    10.2.3 is out ....use the Software Update
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    Mozilla bugs & Chimera

    Hi, I have just been reading about the various security holes that have been found in Mozilla. it says "Versions of Mozilla previous to version 1.0.1 contain multiple security vulnerabilities" If I am not mistaken Chimera is built from...
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    Snood for os X !!!!

    Rhino_G3 has just let me know that Snood is available for mac os x. "Here you go, it's the 3.0 beta version of snood. Newly carbonized. Hope this fills your need! edit: For some reason the URL didn't show up... anyway, here it is."