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  1. Kartoffel

    zsh vs. sh (was: adding folders to PATH)

    Well, it turns out that Apple has decided to use the Z shell for /bin/sh. Zsh is bourne compatible and so it doesn't break anything[1], yet it seems rather baroque to use a full featured[2] shell intended for interactive use as the standard system /bin/sh. In an email on 27 June 2001, <a...
  2. Kartoffel

    How to enable focus-follows-mouse?

    Is there any way to enable FFM?
  3. Kartoffel

    /usr/ports for OS X?

    Has anyone gotten ports working under Darwin-ppc or Mac OS X?
  4. Kartoffel

    user management from command line?

    Which configs store group information? Comments in /etc/group say that it is only used for single user mode (which seems rather oxymoronic) and that some daemon handles user and group permissions. Weird. Pardon me if I haven't noticed some obvious new utility, but there doesn't seem to be...