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  1. marktinder

    Silver Sparrow

    I have gone through some documents and found that the new malware Silver Sparrow infecting Mac systems using the latest Apple M1 chip across the world. It is a macOS adware recompiled to infect systems running the Apple M1 chip.
  2. marktinder

    Official: Catalina Issues

    Just prior to upgrading to Big Sur, I got a major issue with Safari overtaken by a kind of Yahoo redirect virus. The behavior was true to this description, the fixes suggested did not fully fix the redirect. In the end, Safari just did...
  3. marktinder

    Official: Big Sur (11.x) Issues

    I must admit Big Sur performs much smoother and looks neater than Catalina. I like the upper toolbar with shortcuts to essentials like wi-fi and sound control. What I do not like is the Calendar notifications telling me of the holiday ahead. It may repeat every 15 minutes. I would rather remove...
  4. marktinder

    Which Whiskey you like?

    Wild Turkey 81/101 :cool:
  5. marktinder

    Official: Catalina Issues

    I am used to Catalina, in a way. But I would not say I miss it unless the next version is gonna be even more buggy. Catalina is infamous for its wi fi issues. I use MacBook Pro on average up to 30 hours a week. First off, it often fails to connect to the network. Further on, it totally refuses...