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    Setting up a network

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    Canon Printer not printing

    I have a Canon i9900 Printer connected to my powerbook G4 running OS X 10.4.6, i recently tried to print some photos out and it would not print anything out on the paper at all. I downloaded the newest driver for OS X on Canon's website and still not working. I check the print heads and all...
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    MacBook Pro or Powerbook

    A friend of mine is starting school to be a design major, she is trying to figure out if she should get a Macbook or a Powerbook. I told her to go with the 17" Powerbook as a safe bet, because it will run the apps that she will be using intensively Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Shake, etc...
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    monogram help

    I need help designing a monogram for a class project, one of my design courses and well i have struck "bottom" i can't think of anything to reflect a personal style. I like how the one i handed in turned out, but it needs a more personal touch. any good tutorial sites on how to make a good...
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    Who has gotten their Macbook Pro

    I just noticed at the apple online store it says that the Macbook Pro is now in stock. Has anybody here ordered them or gotten them in?
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    Bluetooth turn off/turn on

    Is there any way to turn on/turn off bluetooth with either a keyboard command or an apple script? I normally shut off my bluetooth before puttin my Powerbook to sleep, is there any way to do this a without resorting to system preferences bluetooth etc. I want this because most of the time...
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    Insance mac setup wow wow wow lets just say wow...i want this dudes setup
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    Wireless Issues with Linksys Router

    For some reason i can't connect to my secure network unless i choose from it from the Other Menu in internet connect and input the WEP Password. It won't connect any other way. I've tried trashing the *.plist file and i'm not sure what else to do.
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    airport not recgonized

    after i awake my powerbook from sleep it does not recgonize my wi-fi network. I checked the keycode for the WPA and it is removed after the computer awakes, and i have to re-enter it to join the network. sometimes it states that "there was an error joining XXXX" what is causing this?
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    expanding wireless network range

    How would i go about expanding a wireless network range, i have a linksys 802.11b router and my signal downstairs is terrible and would like to expand it to reach down into the basement. Would the airport express be able to do that?
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    What apps are ready

    What applications are ready for the Intel-Based macs? I know of a few, and on project osx86 they mention that all the apps bundled with OS X Tiger are now universal binaries the ones that i know of: coconut battery Photobooth
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    Canon i9900 Printer Question

    Next year i'm looking at getting a Canon i9900 printer and want to print wireless so i don't have to connect my laptop to it just to print. I'm looking at the IOgear bluetooth adapter for printers. It say's its not for use...
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    What's your screen size?

    If you use a Powerbook or iBook what's your screen size i'm just curious on what most people have here.
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    throwing out old computer parts

    I've found an old Video card from a former pc, and i was wondering what to do with it. Should i throw it out? should i recycle it or should i take it to my local best buy/circuit city/apple store and have them recycle it for me?
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    can itunes 6 play other videos?

    I'll admit i have a few TV shows downloaded on my computer, not saying from where, but i was wondering if iTunes can play these video files. It would be nice to get rid of WMP9 for just that
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    Good 3rd Party LCD Monitors

    I'm looking at getting a LCD monitor for my powerbook sometime next year, along with a Canon i9900 printer. I have limited space so i'm looking at a 17" max space. What monitor would you recommend for cheap (looking to spend less than $300 on the monitor)
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    Gmail Being Spammed?

    Just recently i noticed my GMail account being a victim to spam, i got about 20 to 30 messages within the past 2 days. It's all the same stuff though, something about the new tech boom and everything. I've tried responding to remove it and the mail keeps getting bounced back saying that...
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    Steve Jobs calls Record Companies Greedy

    taken from Rueters Good Job Steve! Tell RIAA that they Suck...and that downloading music will be better for the artists to be directly from the...
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    Removing Automater Plug-ins

    How would i go about deleting automater plug-ins for Finder, i downloaded a 3rd party GNU/GPL Workflow and saved it as a plug in for finder and it did not work right, and i can't seem to remove it from the automater menu in finder.