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  1. perfessor101

    iLife '05 Warning

    I just got the following eMail from Formac. Fortunately my copy of iLife '05 was delayed.
  2. perfessor101

    Firewire HD Experience

    I am looking at a new firewire hard drive. Personally I am drawn to the Granite Digital and EZQuest drives because of the internal power supplies and built-in cooling fans, but OWC and LaCie both have excellent reputations. If you have had experience with any of these, your comments, good or...
  3. perfessor101

    Another Flag has Fallen

    According to this AppleInsider article NUM has been EOLed. Given their recent reputation on OS X that is probably no great loss, but it leaves Micromat as the only "full service" system maintenance tool for OS X. The article goes on to say that development will be continued on Norton...