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  1. twister

    Site Needs Responsive Ads

    This site looks good on mobile but the ads are too big. If they are Google ads you can choose the responsive option and it'd be great on mobile.
  2. twister

    Odd Issues With Ios8 & Itunes Match

    I've got an iPhone 5 and the latest iOS. What I'm seeing is that iCloud download icons next to songs are now the loading spinner even though they are not downloading. Also, I have data turned off for iTunes and when I played my music, it'd just ignore any songs not on the iPhone. Now it tries...
  3. twister

    Contribute CS3 and Leopard

    Adobe claims that Contribute CS3 is Leopard compatible, but all I get is a spinning beach ball. :( Any one running Adobe CS3 successfully on Leopard? Any tips on what I might be able to do? I've already re-installed the CS3 suite of apps and everything else seems to run fine.
  4. twister

    Wirelessly Transmit Mac to TV

    I have a Mac Mini and it works great to watch TV online with HULU. However, all the cables going to my TV suck as the Mini is across the room. Is there a way I can wirelessly transmit streaming internet video to my TV?
  5. twister

    Recorded iMovie Sound Out Of Sync

    I have iMovie at work (I think it's iMovie HD but could be 08) and when I use my MacBook Pro (w/ 2 gig of ram) to record a video directly into iMovie via iSight, the audio come in slightly out of sync. It's not horrible, but it's noticeable. The first time I tried this it worked great. Since...
  6. twister 2 or Thunderbird 2?

    I've been using Thunderbird 2 for quite some time now and I'm happy with everything except 1 thing; fonts. It seems that what I see on screen when I compose an email and what Outlook users see when they get an email is completely different. So bad, that as a designer, I feel embarrassed...
  7. twister

    Any USB Wireless Adapter Recommendations

    We just inherited a G4 Mac Mini without a wireless card. I hear they are hard and expensive to install so I was thinking of a USB wireless adapter that you just plugin. I have one for Windows from Trendnet, but it's not supported on the Mac. Any recommendations on a USB wireless adapter?
  8. twister

    Software Installation Problem

    I've been having some installation problems on my MacBook Pro. When I download a program like a NeoOffice patch or ScreenRecycler, run the installer program, it gets to the step where I need to select my harddrive and nothing shows. I've run disk utility, OnyX and the software test tools...
  9. twister

    Internet Sharing via Ethernet with PC

    I'm posting this hear because you are all smart. Hopefully someone can help. Short: How can I setup a Windows XP machine to share it's wireless internet via the ethernet port with another Windows XP machine? Long: We have wireless internet at work and no wired ports in the offices. One...
  10. twister

    Anyone running Entourage 2008?

    Just wondering if anyone has upgraded to Entourage 2008 yet? It looks kind of nice but my concern is if calendars can sync with iCal or even Google Calendar. I work in an office that is hardcore Outlook users and my biggest pet peeve is all the calendar requests I get. Thunderbird +...
  11. twister

    iPod Touch questions from a new owner.

    I just got an iPod Touch (16 gig) for Christmas and it's so nice. However, I do have a few questions that should be easy to answer. Can I use any dock connector cable to charge it? Like my old iPod cable? What's the best way to keep the screen clean? If I download games from iTunes, I can...
  12. twister

    Can I use a PC in target disk mode?

    I know that you can hook two Mac's up via Firewire and use one as the main machine and the other then acts as an external hard drive. Now, we have a PC (running XP) that's freaking out, is there any way to set it up so that I can use the PC hard drive like an external hard drive? I know...
  13. twister

    Firefox 3 Beta 1 is out

    If you're a Firefox fan, version 3 beta 1 is out. Included are native aqua widgets and a theme that's Mac like (additional install required). I tested it out and found it to be pretty nice. It'll be hard to get me away from Safari 3, but Firefox does have tons of addons that I love. Check...
  14. twister

    Powerbook battery charged, but not working.

    I have a PowerBook 667 and the battery has long since zeroed out. I thought it was just dead until I bought a new battery. The new one came with a 68% charge but it doesn't work any better. The computer knows the battery is there, but it doesn't charge. Unplug the computer and it goes...
  15. twister

    Has anyone used GCALDaemon to sync Google Calendar and iCal?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has used GCALDaemon to sync iCal and Google Calendar. It supposedly syncs both ways and it's free. :) Looking for a few reviews before I go and try it. Thanks
  16. twister

    How can I create a .mid audio file for a ring tone?

    I created some music in Garage Band and we tried to put the .mp3 file on my phone and it didn't work. We see that the phone currently has .mid files and I can't find a program that exports .mid files. Quicktime Pro, Audacity and Garage Band can't and I looked at MacUpdate and VersionTracker...
  17. twister

    How to Un-install MySQL

    I'm on an iMac G5 running 10.3.9. I installed MySQL the other day and now I want to remove it. I got the install file from but it doesn't have an un-installer included. Ideas? Thanks
  18. twister

    Can I post a form to two sites?

    Can anyone tell me, or point me to a tutorial, showing how to post information to two sites. Or post form information automatically? Basically I need to send form data to and yet I want to use that information on my thanks page. The problem is that SalesForce doesn't send...
  19. twister

    iPod & Bose or Dock - Music Stops

    I have a 20 gig iPod that does photos and music. It works great, however if I try to set it on the dock, and then use the line out in the back of the dock to my speakers, it'll only play for about 90 seconds and then it'll go silent, but the iPod will continue to play. Now I just got a Bose...
  20. twister

    Basic Audio In Doesn't Work

    I have a G5 iMac at work and I bought a basic GE Portable Headset at Target and my Mac works fine with the headphones but the mic isn't recognized. It's a basic line in, not USB, and I believe that the port above headphone is for a mic right? The package says it works with all brands of...