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    Firefox and automatic logins

    MacPro and Leopard user. With any other browser automatic logins can be set for forums, homepage, etc. I have not been able to do this with Firefox...I have gone through every Preference page. The only setting I can find is under Security which has a checkbox for 'Remember passwords for...
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    MDD (Single CPU) 1.25GHz sleep problem since Tiger

    I have noticed my Mac will not sleep by itself since upgrading to Tiger. The monitor sleeps but the HD will not spin down as directed by the Energy Saver settings. Using the LCD power button will put the computer to sleep normally and will wake the computer normally. Has anyone else...
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    Send/Receive AOL Email via OSX Mail app?

    Does anyone know Port numbers and other setup differences for configuring the Mail Accounts preferences to send and receive AOL email? I've floundered around and managed to send AOL email but can't receive it. Any help will be muchly appreciated. Clay
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    iTunes 2.0.1 makes using iSub possible in OSX

    G4/466/Apple Pro and iSub speakers. Volume controls have always worked great in OS 9.1 and 9.2.1 but in OSX the iSub volume had no individual control and was always too under OSX I had to leave the iSub unit unplugged. Now with iTunes 2.0.1 the Equalizer control provides a means...