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    Awake iMac

    My brand new 27in.iMac is waking by itself.It has a wireless keyboard & mouse which I have a sneaking suspicion might have something to do with the problem.Or maybe the Linksys router? Would any other Bluetooth device not on the immediate premises be contributing to this? This is strange, I...
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    Sense of Humour?

    Discuss, I mean in humour there sometimes a kernel of truth.:rolleyes: Heaven is Where: The Police are British, The Chefs are Italian, The Mechanics are German, The Lovers are French, and It's all organized by the Swiss. Hell is Where: The Police are German, The Chefs are...
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    Real Techs?

    Are the folks portrayed in the ads to become a member of the support team actually a certifiable honest to goodness member of this forum or just a bunch of models sent over from some agency? Which leads into another question. How insane would you have to be to have your mouth hanging open in an...
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    Should we be upset?

    Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,but in this case I'm not so sure. I suppose we could congratulate him on the effort,or "tear'em a new one" for blasphemy. ;)
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    Broke Mac Mountain

    Yeah I know it's a play on the title of a recent Hollywood movie, which happens to be gaining alot of attention by critics.But in this version there is a mac theme. I'm sorry if anybody takes offence just be sure to look away when the time comes , okay...
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    Rural Broadband is Possible

    A friend of mine & local guru of the mac variety was able to install his own connection to a broadband source wirelessly.I know the irony of posting this is that if you don't already have a high speed connection this may take some time to load.But look on the bright side if this solution works...
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    European Centric Humour ?

    How's the sense of humour "over there"? I've no idea of how long this little ditty has been around, amusing nonetheless.Oh & I don't know any Italians personally,but I am quite familiar with a Brit. :D
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    Slipping under the Radar?

    I suppose it's not high end enough for the serious music afficianatos being for Garageband and all but it is something new nonetheless.
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    Remembering When?

    I ask this to all the "grey beards" here, what was the reaction of folks back when Apple made processor changes before? Was there this the "sky is falling" kind of hysteria or what? The same for the switch to OS-X from 9 which I imagine generated alot of noise to!Even for the short time I've...
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    Tiger on an iMac G4

    Since I don't have my machine all maxed out like some of you I was wondering how other folks with a system like mine find the performance of Tiger.
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    When is a ....?

    When is a "newb" no longer considered a "newb"? Does one have to endure some ritual or ceremony conducted by ones peers to be able to climb further up the tree? Or is it just simply a matter of time?
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    On my Mac

    Okay guys here goes.I've got a bunch of baby pics that I saved to "on my mac" in Mail. Now how do I get those pics to a CD or DVD? Once on a disc will it be the photos already to view or just the data? What about taking the file over to iPhoto to make a slideshow? Can you burn that slideshow to...
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    Converting a pc game to a mac?

    My friends have a ol' game called Bespelled in a pc version.Anyone know of the possibilties of being able to convert this to run on a mac.Or is there anyone out there who might already have the mac version? Of course if they even made one to begin with.
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    iPod the Core of Apples Sales?

    For anyone who doesn't read the Sunday Times here's an interesting article: So I suppose this guy thinks since we're a "cult of mac" Apple isn't relevant in the grand scheme of the tech sector.Well that's the way he comes off to me...
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    University to Hand Out iPods

    Just another incentive to go to university, don't you think?I would say it's a mighty fine favour of the school to be thinking like this.But it just makes sense to me at least :cool: But alas it's just an experiment which I'm sure will provide interesting results.They also had this story on the...
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    Canadian Election

    I thought I would contribute to the international flavour of these forums by starting a thread on our federal election,set for June 28th.Just how many Canucks are on here to lend their voice to this discussion is another matter.So who knows maybe the rest of ya might learn something about our...