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  1. delsoljb32

    "You need to restart..."

    Ive discovered a recurring issue (sporatic) of the computer going into "you need to restart..." mode after waking from sleep. My setup: PB G4 20" Dell Widescreen BT Apple keyboard Wacom Tablet (connected to the USB hub in the monitor) Situation: I use the computer in lid-closed mode and...
  2. delsoljb32

    What the heck is a MacBook?

    Last I checked, they were called PowerBook, what's this!!:confused: all you "give us G5 powerbook" nuts can shaddup! lol I kid, I kid...
  3. delsoljb32

    One Laptop Per Child Initiative

    This is an interesting find. I believe its a great idea. The design really caught my eye, I think that kids will really latch onto this. Any educators out there that can comment on this?
  4. delsoljb32

    printer woes

    I have had it with my printer, I want to get a new one. I would like some suggestions as to what works best with Macs (and plays nicely with Tiger). I have an HP all-in-one that has been convered to just being a printer due to either the lackluster drivers and/or Tiger not communicating with it...
  5. delsoljb32

    A question to ponder...

    I have always felt that since the shift to OS X, Apple is poised to move into other areas of business that it does not already occupy (i.e real applications in business solutions). With the advent of the Xserve (as well as the accompanying technology of RAID, Xsan, etc) it is moving closer to...
  6. delsoljb32

    unix command not working

    tonight, while surfing, firefox stalled out. i force-quit it, then had to hard-reset. when it came back up, the files dissapeared from the desktop. i went to the terminal to try to move the files to another directory, and the ls command was not working. I'm not sure what the problem is, nor the...
  7. delsoljb32

    Dashboard Button Unmapping

    My button assigned for dashboard keeps unmapping occasionally. I believe it does this after updates and/or installs. (havent paid attention close enough to occurrence) Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix (besides going to SysPref every time to reassign it)? Just curious
  8. delsoljb32

    free stuff referral etiquette

    I was curious about the etiquette regarding the "free stuff for referral" (i.e., etc) on I want to get some free stuff, but dont want to abuse the site for my "referrals" if it is frowned upon. I wanted to ask before I started to put it into my profile, etc. Thanks.
  9. delsoljb32

    Microsoft Names Upcoming OS

    Saw this on I plugged the new 'name' into my handy Dashboard Dictionary, and got a good laugh at the definition. 'a pleasing view, esp. one seen though a long, narrow opening' (i.e. tunnel vision, hah!)...
  10. delsoljb32

    Oracle Cert's- Worth it?

    I am considering going for a certification for Oracle, any thoughts? Any current DBA's out there? This is a new career path for me, but certainly something that I am interested in, and will use throughout my career. I am looking for advice on the topic (either here in thread, or msg me!). I...
  11. delsoljb32

    USB Mouse issues after Tiger install

    I have experienced issues with an iMac G5 having mouse lock-up after Tiger has been installed. The issue only arises after the computer has been started after shut down. When it is put to sleep, the mouse doesn't lock up. This has been the issue with 2 different USB mice. The only fix thus far...
  12. delsoljb32

    Is there a way to "fool" the servers?

    I am taking classes online, and the eCollege server doesn't think that Safari or Firefox (or any other non-M$, or Netscape Browser) will play nice with the server and pages. Is there a way to fool it to thinking that what i am using is netscape or whatever? I thought I remember some way to...
  13. delsoljb32

    Trackpad scrolling in Tiger on older 'Books

    Before tiger I had done the trackpad hack mentioned here at Worked great. Since tiger install erased it, i looked for it again and found that there is now a simple install (though i kind of liked the...
  14. delsoljb32

    "The code has changed...Its like nothing I've ever seen..."

    Hehe, sorry, a little Matrix humor. I loaded Tiger last night and today noticed that RedPill, my Matrix Screensaver (Nerd, I know, dont say it! ;) ), doesnt render like it did before. Instead of the weird text, they are simply green blocks falling from the top of the screen, very strange. I...
  15. delsoljb32

    Anyone used

    Im selling my G4 iMac and stumbled upon, I submitted and they replied within a day for a buyer response (purchase order). Has anyone dealt with this company? Reputable? I am curious to know before I send off a response to them confirming the purchase order. thanks.
  16. delsoljb32

    Any World of Warcraft people out there?

    I just bought WoW today, i was a bit hesitant about the monthly fee to play a game though. Anyone out there have any thoughts? Good? Bad?
  17. delsoljb32

    Yellowdog issues

    Greetings, I have run into some issues with Yellowdog and would like to solicit some help from all of you 'nix users out there. 1. Dual head monitor: I am using an old KDS 15" monitor with my PB. It works great in OS X (with the exception of only rendering in 1024x786, as compared to the...
  18. delsoljb32

    FS: iMac G4 700MHz, 256 RAM

    Trying to sell: iMac G4, 700 MHz 256 MB RAM 40GB HD Combo Drive Keyboard, mouse, Belkin 4 port USB Hub, and original Software Included. $850 O.B.O. + Shipping Shipping in U.S. & Canada Only ***Will Include Microsoft Office X for Mac for $50!!*** Here is a link to a valuation...
  19. delsoljb32

    Scrolling Trackpad on New PB's

    I want the scrolling trackpad on mine!!! (sobbing) :mad: Anyone think they will do an update that will include this in it?? (wishful thinking) Is it possible to update the firmware for the trackpad, or is this a hardware thing?? Probably just one of those "nice to have's", but I'd like to have it!
  20. delsoljb32

    Yaay! Received my YellowDog Distro CD's today, now what?

    I received my YellowDog Distro CD's today, and am ready to begin. Any pointers before I proceed to wipe the drive and partition? im looking at 60 to Mac OS X, and 20 to YDL. Is that a good amount for each? I primarily work in OS X, but dont want to short change myself in YDL if I end up needing...