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  1. delsoljb32

    PB freezes in certain positions

    As I thought: nobody bothered to help out here. But, being a helpful person I decided to go ahead and post about my HD replacement in the event that future mac users run into similar problems. I replaced the factory Toshiba 80 GB drive from my PB G4 last night with a Seagate Momentus 5400rpm...
  2. delsoljb32

    PB freezes in certain positions

    well it seems people here don't really want to help out in the ol' hardware section... so i'll post this IN CASE anyone else runs into the similar situation. As noted, it may turn out to be a HD issue. After many trial and error boots from an OS-installed iPod, I was able to get sporatic-at-best...
  3. delsoljb32

    Do Mac users support GW Bush?

    Yes, I voted for him and I agree with his policies. I am for the war and I support our troops. Our great modern Republic. May those who seek the blessings of its institutions and the protection of its flag remember the obligations they impose. ~Ulysses S. Grant We have enjoyed so much...
  4. delsoljb32

    waterproof keyboard cover for powerbook

    This might do it, but make sure u dont block the exhaust ports ;)
  5. delsoljb32

    strange issue with power book

    i do the DVD backup in addition to an external drive backup. cause you know, that ONE day when BOTH drives mysteriously kick the proverbial bucket you'll wish u had SOME sort of backup! hmmm, have u tried an iPod to save ur music collection? maybe the iTunes transfer wouldn't lock up (just as...
  6. delsoljb32

    450Mhz Cube or 500Mhz Tower?

    my humble opinion: get the cube, make due with it till u save up enough for a mini, then cram the mini's innards into the cube casing :D Not that the mini isnt stylish-- but the cube just looks cool! hehehe ;)
  7. delsoljb32

    Do Mac users support GW Bush?

    I support our president.
  8. delsoljb32

    PB freezes in certain positions

    So, in this ongoing quest (of which no one seems to care or comment except the 2 people experiencing this problem), after 2 nights of trying to deal with a fidgety PB that will only operate at an angle of greater than 20 degrees from horizontal, i ran disk utility thinking maybe the HD was bad...
  9. delsoljb32

    PB freezes in certain positions

    ok, so i went to the new Fifth Ave. store yesterday and talked with them about the whrrring problem. The genius there seems to think that it is an optical drive issue since that is the side of the PB the noise is coming from. I told him that it does this when there is no disc in the drive and he...
  10. delsoljb32

    "You need to restart..."

    whaaa???? what is this command? (a little explanation might be warranted, especially when said fix is preceeded by a sly smily)...
  11. delsoljb32

    "You need to restart..."

    Ive discovered a recurring issue (sporatic) of the computer going into "you need to restart..." mode after waking from sleep. My setup: PB G4 20" Dell Widescreen BT Apple keyboard Wacom Tablet (connected to the USB hub in the monitor) Situation: I use the computer in lid-closed mode and...
  12. delsoljb32

    Warcraft 3 and MacBook Pro

    yeah, they do take their sweet time doing things, thats for sure! As far as I can tell, they've backed off the production of Starcraft:Ghost for consoles (not in their Under Development section on the website, and I didnt find it for sale anywhere... hmmm.... is it finished and coming out soon?).
  13. delsoljb32

    Laptop selflessly saves the world from a bad thesis

    Heheh, I can understand the frustration-- During finals week my PB's fan was making a whrrring noise and making things hesitate a little bit till the 'book itself was tilted. I dont think (knock on wood) that its the HD, I think its a loose connection or fan issue. Going to the 'store to have...
  14. delsoljb32

    Laptop selflessly saves the world from a bad thesis

    Wow That was hilarious!! I must say, the laptop did the right thing. If it had not acted selflessly the way it did, this student may have graduated and gone on to be the next editor of some asenine paper -- like the NY Times! hahaha
  15. delsoljb32

    The MacBook is out

    years ago there was a neighborhood cat like that. needless to say, his stealth ability was greatly reduced ;) lol
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Having a beer, celebrating the arrival of a new baby-- an external monitor, hahhaha. Received my Dell 20 inch FP today! Strangest thing happened- UPS guy called my cell, he was having trouble finding my house. I was at work at the time, and he made a 2nd round once I had come home! Now thats...
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    Any worries about this new virus report?

    I have seen that same exact article posted in at least 4 or 5 publications and/or websites (Damn you AP!! haha). All talking about how Joe Schmoe was surfing for jpegs of the new OS... blah blah blah. Sick of hearing about it. Any and all systems (computer, or physical world) are susceptible to...
  20. delsoljb32

    "Macs are virus targets....."

    yeah, posted the exact same story on this today as they did a few weeks/months ago. sad really, isnt there other technology news they can report?