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    Minneapolis to get second Apple store!

    It depends on what you want from Apple. If you want them to continue to develop their retail strategy into a profitable, self-sustaining business, then expect them to put stores in places where they can hope to sell the most product and to get the most exposure. If they succeed in growing their...
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    Minneapolis to get second Apple store!

    The new Apple Store in Edina will do just fine. I used to work at a furniture store in the area. The mall there gets a TON of traffic, and there is a great deal of disposable income walking in the doors every day. Yes, I agree that it is very close to the Mall of America, but you gotta go where...
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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    Brian, I had the same problem you had with the disappearing applications. I even reinstalled a couple of times. But, I found another post on a different forum suggesting that the applications were disappearing if you had a volume (partition or HD) with the same name as the folder. After I...