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    network printer prints jibberish

    It's not hooked up USB is It?
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    Os 10.4.x

    Hi Cathryn. I'm just a novice here but let me ask. I see by the model numbers they are all network-able. Are they all on the same hub? Have you tried a simple crossover cable from your Mac directly to a printer (therefore bypassing the hub)? Try only one printer at a time please. If...
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    Pagemaker And Hp Laserjet 2600n

    Assuming your Classic is a version of 9.X. Go to and download Adobeps version 8.6 english (you will see several other versions but only use this one!!!). Download and do a simple install. Then go to the chooser, select the Adobeps in the left hand frame and your HP in the right hand...
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    Printing to a windows HP printer, get garbage

    Type Printer please? What is the primary app you're trying to outpt from? C
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    Tiger & Hplaserjet1200 & Adobe Not Working

    Hi Julie, How are you connecting the printer? USB? C
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    Java Error Reference #112

    Using a Macmini AND a XP PC and up until last week both worked fine. Now using either Netscape 8.0 or IE on either machine when I go to send mail I get the followingerror. Javascript error Reference #112. I have been unable to dig up any info on this error. I can rec'v mail fine and surf all...
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    Canoscan D1250u2f Driver For Os/x

    I just hate admitting defeat. Visit they may have a soultion. If one of their drivers does work it may cost 50 bucks or so. Good luck Chris
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    On the pc in question have you used 'restore' to a date and time to when it was working? I'm not sure if that will solve the prob but it's worth a try. Chris
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    Canoscan D1250u2f Driver For Os/x

    Have you checked the Canon web site for a driver? I just recently download a new driver for my n670u scanner for X.4 and is actually easier to use than when it was on os 9. Check with them first. Chris
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    Printing From Classic Within Os X

    Ben, You didn't mention which Classic OS version you are using. While MisterMe has a good idea, try this. Go to Adobe's web sit at Find 'Mac driver downloads' and find 'Adobeps 8.6 English' (you will see older and newer versions) download only 8.6, and do the easy install. Then...
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    Printing Problem

    What type priner is it? and how is it connected? C
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    Tiger And Hp Scanjet Problem

    Hi Robin, I am not familiar with that particular scanner but could it be the driver itself? Take a look at VueScan at They make Mac drivers for Epson scanners that might help. Let me know Chris
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    Nice job - use your girlfrinds picture instead of yours she must be prettier ;)
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    Tiger Running Epson Cx5400 All In One.

    USB??? Can you connect it via ethernet?
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    Firefox keeps quitting

    Paul I have been struggling with this identical problem, now for several weeks. While I am a volunteer on this site in another area, I have communicated with several people on this issue to no avail. On especially sharp lady on this site is Cheryl. And together we still can't get it!.. As the...
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    Quark 7 & Tiger Question!

    Doesn't work on mine either-hmmm Bug?
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    adobe illustrator printing color separations

    Are you looking for an output device? What kind of cpu do you use?
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    Looking for a Web Design Professional

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    Partial Printing With Epson 1280

    delaneyt hi. I don't have personal experience with this printer. But let's see if this works. Have you tried saving your file as a PDF and then printing it? I think your problem sounds like a memory issue. Creating it as a pdf just might solve this. Let me know. Chris
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    HP LaserJet, G5 and OSX

    Geeze and no one has attempted to even contact you? It has been a while since you posted your question. Have you had any luck since that time? I really don't know if I can help but here goes. What connectors do you have installed on the back of you HP? Specifically do you have the...