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    video converter?

    MPEG2 Works is reasonably priced. You can check it out at
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    Wireless Connection Problems (MacbookPro

    UPDATE: I misspoke about Windows 7 connecting from the Parallels Desktop setup. It don't. Also I said my Tiger partition connected ok. It don't. But, Windows 7 in Boot Camp does connect does my PC.
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    Wireless Connection Problems (MacbookPro

    I have a Mac Pro 2.66 wireless stuff, just a Linksys modem. I have been having this problem for a long time, since about the time I upgraded to Snow Leopard. The problem with my setup is on startup or restart I get an incorrect IP Address assigned. For a while I could (in System...
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    From iMovie6 to iMovie9

    Short answer is no. Best solution is to install iMovie6 on your MacBook Pro...It will allow you to work with your older iMovie projects. iMovie9 will not be affected. Matt
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    imovie '09 issues

    Did you migrate to this location? I had no problems downloading from here. Matt
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    imovie '09 issues

    You might locate and install the old iMovie HD (06)...that's what I did. Apple has quit making the 06 download a free download unless you have the new version on your might check if it's available to you here:
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    I have iMovie v6 running alongside iMovie v8 on my problems. Matt
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    Firefox and automatic logins

    Thanks. My preferences were set to accept cookies but I had also set preferences to only keep cookies until I closed Firefox.
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    Firefox and automatic logins

    MacPro and Leopard user. With any other browser automatic logins can be set for forums, homepage, etc. I have not been able to do this with Firefox...I have gone through every Preference page. The only setting I can find is under Security which has a checkbox for 'Remember passwords for...
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    Appleworks 6 not working in OS 10.3.9

    Maybe you can find something in this that might help. Matt Installing AppleWorks 6 This booklet provides instructions for m installing and uninstalling AppleWorks m setting up an AppleWorks Installer on a server, so that users can install AppleWorks over the network What You Need To install...
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    Thanks EDCC, It worked. There was a little problem because I have more than one C drive and wasted time running the repair on two drives formatted NTFS. But when I ran it on the Boot Camp drive formatted Fat32 the trash problem went away. Matt
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    Yes, ElDiabloConCaca, I do use Boot Camp. Matt
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    I've also had a file in the trash which I can't get rid of. I have used every method I can find to force empty the trash, but nothing works. I can try 'get info' on this file and it disappears...but it always comes back. This is what it looks like...
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    Hard Disc Drives-Questions.

    Aw me! I'm having these senior moments with increasing regularity...Of course Tiger came with my Mac Pro (August 2007). Shortly thereafter, when Leopard became available, I ordered it, along with two more HD's and additional RAM. I left Tiger where it was and installed Leopard on one of the new...
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    Hard Disc Drives-Questions.

    These posts have me confused... I have a MacPro 2.66 GHz and have Leopard as my main OS, but also have a partition with Tiger which runs just fine. It's been awhile and I don't remember exactly how I installed it...probably used Target Disk Mode. It's possible I used the retail Tiger disk...
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    Bootcamp and Leopard Drivers

    You have to be booted in Windows when you use the Leopard DVD to install drivers. Matt
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    How do I change my partition's UUID?

    Under Finder/Preferences click to show Hard Disks on the desktop. The ID's under each Partition can then be changed (probably requires password authentication) unless the particular partition is read only. Matt
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    Install OSX files independent of Leopard disk?

    Not sure if old drivers have to be installed for the 2.1 updater to work...but you can try it. Cheers, Clay
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    Mac Pro Boot With Tiger?

    Don't know about the new Mac Pro's, but my quad-core 2.66 GHz Mac Pro boots both just fine. I have Leopard on one HD and Tiger on another. I have bootable backups of both systems on an external Firewire 800 HD.
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    Not able to delete some (2) mails

    Have you looked in your User/Library/Mail folder? Everything in your Mail accounts is located there. Matt