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    MacOSX as server xpress and illustrator9

    Case: I use osx as a server, one hd is used on the network. On the client side I use xpress with placed illustrator files, these files are stored on the hd at macosx. When I want to update the eps file in xpress or wants to open the file via xpress with open publisher, the illustrator file...
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    OSx automaticly starts the internet

    When I start my iMac with OSX I see that when the computer is at the login screen the internet is opened via my LAN internet acces. Can this be disabled?
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    startup files

    The MySQL manual list something about copying the mysql.server file to the location were your system has its startupfiles, where are those on OSX beta SPencer
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    sharing a hd

    Is it possible to share a hd unde osx beta or partition. All I get from sharing is the drop box from the user on another computer. Spencer
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    changing os9

    Case: Computer: b/w G3 with 4 internal hd hd1 is os9 with the classic files for osx hd2 is osx hs3 is another os9 I wanted to start up with hd3 and selected in the control panels from os9 the startup disk hd3. After reboot it would not run os9 from hd3. I found out that if your hd is...
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    File sizes on network

    setup: G3 B/W with 1 SCSI and 3 IDE internal HD's I installed macosx on one ide drive and kept OS9 on another. All went well and works perfectly. After switching back to OS9 I want to copy something over the network on another computer. When I am on the other computer and mounted the hd...