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    Newton OS 3 dubbed 'Navi'

    japan has already launched 3G services for iMode. here is what the phones have/can have options for: -head view camera -messaging -pda functions -running java scripts -mp3 player -voice -email -web access it all could just as easily be put together in one device the size of iPod...
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    iTunes 1.1 Update Killed My Mute

    exact same thing. i really need the mute working... there is an app in the dock extras folder that tsr in the dock. it has a mute capability that im using now. but the mute on the keyboard would be nice to have back. thnx
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    null error in

    I havnt seen too many messages about this problem, but I am having it as well. Here are specifics: when I use mail app, IF I send the email using the account that I have with the ISP that I am logged on to/though, then I can send email with no problem. If I try to send the same email using a...