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    check out my website

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    HOT!!! 20GB iPod fpr 407.66

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    i need banner image help

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    cheaper music from itunes

    Go to Amazon Add 5 - $15 gift cards to basket enter code: ITUNES544DEC the fifth card will be free. happy holidays!
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    apple certified pro

    I am reading the finalcut pro 4 book and would love to becoime certified, however I am a technical person, not creative. I do lots of apple consulting and this cert would help me and my company. So i was wondering, has anyone taken the level one test? What are some sample questions? What is...
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    firewire & CD-RW

    i just got a new Lacie d2 52x24x52x burner for my iMac G3 600. Only problem is my performance blows. I dont come anywhere near 52x. When performing a read test, I am only pulling 2-2.5 MB max from the CD when it indicates it should be at 7 to be 48x. how can i fix my speed issues. A CD burned...
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    i need banner image help

    i am working on my deals site, and needed a basic site image. I decided to start with my forums first and then go from there. that is my basic board header. I am a programmer, so i have no artistic talent at all!! (ask my old graphic design prof!) Any feedback would help. the board...
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    HOT!!! 20GB iPod fpr 407.66

    From LINK go to Accessories - Audio - MP3 Players Search for item A0066806 to find the Apple 20gb iPod at $499.00 - 10% discount Add item A0055171 to your cart 5pk cdrs for $3.56 Use coupon code 3D7E14E03847 for $45 off $500. Good only on 12-06-02 taken from...
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    deals on the net

    i have a website that I am trying to complete by jan1 that is basically a deals resource center. A place where online coupon discount codes are shared, the latest deals on everything from free samples to complete computer systems and everything in between. i am trying to spread the word now...
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    apples tabbed website theme

    apples website is developed completely in webobjects. I am looking to do the same for my deals website. Anyone know how to get a similar styled tab from webobjects or are they custom images apple made? I have seen a wide variety of sites using theme, so i would assume they are available in...
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    apple stuff giveaway

    this isnt stuff for sale. Instead, I am trying to increase my board membership. In doing so, I will be giving away up to 3 items at the start of the new year. I hope to see many mac users come join my boards. The rules: 1. to win, you...
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    check out my website

    I am in the process of graduating college in december, so i have been slow to update the site for the past few years. Anyways, I am finally starting to change that with the addition of forums. I am a mac lover, so feel free to post anything you want about macs in the computer forum. I will...
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    airport help needed ASAP

    I have/had an airport network setup my apartment. has run great since day one (18 or so months), until last week. Our apartment complex decided to install wifi access points for future use. They are cheap bastards when it comes to everything they do, so they skipped out on the site survey. Now...
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    domains and mac os x

    In my office we have a linux server running as our windows authentication server. I assume that its doing this by smb, but the guy who set it up doesnt know for sure (go figure...) our 98 & xp clients authenticate as if they were on a windows domain. I would like to keeo 1 set of user...
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    HD performance testing software

    This weekend i bought a firewire enclosure from Compusa at a awesome price. I get it home and find out its a IBM 40GB 120GXP 7200RPM drive attached to a Oxford 911 chipset. I also found that a ATA 66/100/133 cable is not used on the drive. I would like to do some testing to see how well this...
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    FTP doesnt work right still

    cannot get the correct permissions :< Please fix this apple
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    anti-leech & OS X

    does anyone know of any way besides vpc to get antileech downloads to work with X? They have a java applet that uses M$ JVM, so it fails to load the applet corectly on a mac. Are there any apps that will download from them for mac OS X? Or any work arounds for the JVM? Thanks
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    10.2.1 (6d42)

    Right click on a file and open with is there. I dont know what else is there. I have a screen capture of system profiler Anyone have any info on this? Anyone else see it yet? IE tends o freeze on me some. FTP using connect to server still doesnt work right for me either.
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    to all complaining about paying for upgrades too often

    i have come up with a solution for all of you complaining about paying 130.00 every 6-8 months for an OS upgrade. simply join the adc mailing for 199, or if you are a student, join adc student for 99.00 the adc mailing is included in the 99.00 college student membership. each month you get a...
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    Apple 3 button mouse again? look at the required specs. The apple machine requires a three button mouse. The software is an apple product now, so i am curious if a three button mouse will be intorduced when this comes out. as a side not, why are the required appl specs sooo much...