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    Mozilla extremely slow in webmail on OSX

    I've been using Mozilla for a while now as my main browser in OSX linux and windows. In the last few releases on OSX (it's fine in the xwindows version I got through fink, and on windows and linux) webmail loads extremely slowly. Most of the page will load and then it will just sit for a few...
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    multipart mail

    Recently I've been using mozilla mail and views multipart messages fine. It just sucks that os X's default mailer can view them properly.
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    C Compiler Cannot Create Executables

    Everytime I try to install packages through fink, such as gnome or window maker, I get the error "C compiler cannot create executables." Does anyone know what the problem is? I've seen this question on the forum before just never an answer to it. Thanks
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    Network prefs crashing

    Every time I try to open up the network preferences settings in the control panel it crashes. I was just wondering where the text file would be to manually change my tcp/ip settings. thanks
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    multipart mail

    When I send a multi-part e-mail mail simply displays an attachment and claims it can't open it. Every other reader (outlook, entourage, webmail, hotmail, and pine) I've tried can view the messages properly. Has anyone else run into this problem?