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    Entourage failure, my account and mailboxes disappeared

    I was working on Entourage quite happily before trying to shut it down. The application stopped responding so I had to force quit and then I shut my machine down. I was astonished, then horrified, then hopping mad when I found the main identity database was gone. I've done all the usual...
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    Hardware Errorcode 21SS/1/5: OX40

    Hi, I can't get any sound on my Powerbook G4 and ran the hardware test after trying all the usual things. The error code was: 21SS/1/5: OX40 or 2ISS/1/5: OX40 Anyway, I've searched the internet and the forum and the only thing I seem to find is that error codes aren't available to the...
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    VPC: Can't connect to Internet Wirelessly

    Hi, I try not to say whether I did or didn't do something just in case I implicate myself! I've updated to Mac 7.0.2 and have registered by phone so I guess that gives the game away that I had already played with the settings. I have put the settings back to "virtual switch" but have...
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    VPC: Can't connect to Internet Wirelessly

    Hi, I can't seem to connect to the internet wirelessly using VPC with Win XP. As I only use this program for one piece of software which you just can't get for Mac this would not bother me but I have to register VPC within the next few days!! I've tried using "shared networking" and...
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    Filemaker Pro 8 Advanced

    Sorry seem to have posted several times. I blame the gremlins
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    Filemaker Pro 8 Advanced

    Hi, You could try posting your problem on the I've used them a lot for Filemaker problems and have found them very helpful. You could try creating a new user account with administrator privileges and installing it there or getting another copy of the disk image just in case...
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    Help! Update or Filevault Problems

    Hi, I ran an OSX 10.3.9 update on my G5 PowerMac. As I restarted Filevault notified me I was using too much disk space but as I was in a hurry I didn't take the offer of optimising the space. Upon restart I noticed my dock had changed, I had none of my items on my desktop and there was a...
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    Entourage and Junk Mail

    Hi, I've looked for a solution for my problem but can't find one. Entourage was working beautifully for over a year with my junk mail settings set to High and with various different rules in place. All of a sudden it seems that everything goes to my Junk folder and my rules don't work...
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    Correct screen saver password not recognized

    This is very strange because this is what is happening to my machine. I've been using my password to get past the screen saver for about 18 months with no problem and then about a month back I started having problems. First I couldn't get Creative Suite to start which I removed and then a week...
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    Signal Fluctuations

    We have 2 Powerbooks and 2 iMac G5's in a small office using a Linksys Access point. The 2 Powerbooks have nice strong signals (between 3 and 4 bars) but the iMac's only get 1 or 2 bars and quite often have no signal at all. If I put the Powerbooks near to the iMacs, the laptops will have a...
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    Different Filenames, Same Server

    Sorry, I got so bogged down in loads of other work, this became less important. We actually had some other issues too and an Apple Engineer came a-calling. It was very simple - the client machine was on the server as a "windows' machine and this was causing the confusion. Many thanks...
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    Does anybody know of a good book for the less knowledgeable about OSX Server 10.3.9? I find that the stuff that comes with the disk assumes a lot of knowledge that I don't appear to have - or perhaps I need it in words of one syllable! Thanks
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    Permissions Problems

    Hi, We have a G5 running OSX Server 10.3.9. The clients are running OSX 10.3.9. some of which are running using the OS software they came with and others are using the client license as we upgraded from 9. I thought we had solved our permission problems but out of the blue they have...
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    Different Filenames, Same Server

    Sorry, Haven't been in the office for a while. When I go in on Thursday, I will get this info.
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    Different Filenames, Same Server

    The server is a G5 running OSX server 10.3.9. The client is a G4 Mac running OSX too so there shouldn't be any problems with file names at all. I've checked and these files are definitely displayed with a different name on this one machine compared to any of the other Mac accessing the...
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    does anyone actually OWN a new iMac g5?

    We've just bought our second for business use. I'd certainly recommend them to anybody who was thinking of buying one.
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    Different Filenames, Same Server

    Hi, We have a small network with a Server. All of the computers see the same filenames on the shared folder on the server except one. This computer has several of the names which have changed significantly. Has anyone got any ideas?