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    Making a sheet from a subclass of NSWindow

    Does anyone know of a way to have a subclass of NSWindow appear as a sheet? It seems to me like it should just work, but it refuses to display as a sheet. Alternatively, might it be something related to that I'm trying to make it relative to an NSWindow that belongs to an NSDocument subclass?
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    Framework prebindings

    Hopefully someone can help me with this. I have two framework: x and y. y links against x. x builds fine and y builds fine. The problem comes when I try to build my application that uses both x and y. It will be fine if prebinding is off, but then it is unacceptably slow. When prebinding...
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    Can't force no untitled documents

    Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this. I am creating a document based Cocoa application. I have things set up pretty much as Apple gives them to you. I've filled in some document types that my program is supposed to take, etc.. The problem is, though, that my program is not...
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    setEnabled doesn't work on an NSMenuItem

    Google didn't turn up anything and posting here proved fruitful yesterday, so I'll try it again. In my program I have some menu items. At times I need some of the menu items to be disabled and then later reenabled (using them doesn't cause crashes, but the behavior is confusing and easier to...
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    application:openFile problems

    I'm trying to be able to drag and drop files onto my application, but it's not working and I don't know what I have set wrong. I created a regular Cocoa application and am now trying to add this feature and can't. In IB, I open MainMenu.nib and connect the File Object to my controller that...
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    Install never finishes

    Any time I run the installer (i.e. I have a .pkg and want to install it's contents) it will get until the bar is about half way full and then the installer just sits for hours doing nothing. After a few hours, I just quit it out, tired of waiting for it. I'm using 10.0.0, because I can't get...
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    Using the package system

    I want to use the package system in OS X to install software. I have some various .pkg files around, but looking at them, all of them seem to work in a different way. I have found the tool for creating the .pkg files, but I'm not sure about how to tell it what to install where. Can anyone...
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    GnuPG now works!

    Or at least it should. I haven't tried it yet, but I was so excited I had to come over and let everyone know: GnuPG 1.0.4 now works on OS X. From what I've learned, it was a problem with sed. Anyway, you can find more at I'm going to try this out right now...
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    make just won\\\\\\\'t work

    I\'ve never had this problem until comming to Mac OS X, so there is something that I\'m missing here. When I want to install Unix software, most of the time the procedure is the same: run ./configure, run make, run make install. The first step works fine, but the anything to do with make just...