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    Xray versus FileXaminer

    Oopinions wanted on Xray and FileXaminer, both for Mac OS X. Which do you feel is better, and why?
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    USB Hub and Mac OS X

    This is slightly off topic, however, I am in the market to purchase a USB hub to hook up a few peripherals and want to make sure the one I purchase will work with Mac OS X. Do all USB Hubs work with Mac OS X, or are there some that work better than others?
  3. G not sending out mail

    I had a SMTP problem where I would get an "Error (null)" message. The 10.02 update seemed to fix that problem. If I send a test message to myself, it seems to go through just fine. However, if I send an e-mail to any of the recipients in my Address Book, they do not get the e-mail. Any insights...
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    Using OE without PortReflector

    I am sure this was covered before, however, what is the best way to get Outlook Express running and getting e-mail under Classic in Mac OS X without resorting to PortReflector? Gino J. Piazza
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    Uninstalling Mac OS X

    In an attempt to see if I could remedy the "Error (null)" message I was getting from when trying to send e-mail, I installed Mac OS X on the same partition as Mac OS 9.1 (I did not delete the previous Mac OS X that I installed on a separate partition). The problem was not cured - I still...
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    Problem emptying the trash

    A few weeks ago I had to reinstall Mac OS 9.1 because of a problem I had. I kept my old System Folder (named "old System Folder") around in case there were any preferences or extensions that I needed (I did delete the System and Finder). Like most of you I installed Mac OS X last week. In one of...
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    Please help with OpenUp 3.0pb1

    I recall that you can install and unstuff OpenUp following the below instructions for Terminal: ---------------------------------------------------------- • type the following: wget This will transfer OpenUp...