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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    From BS being dished out by various users to the final, cold, hard facts of the legality of d/l'ing unreleased software, I was indeed justified in my criticism. I've got no probs discussing the ups and downs of a particular software release, but that's the point...RELEASE. If one user...
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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    OK This is starting to make me sick. I have wasted too much time reading what WhiteSaint has to say concerning OS X. He is naïve, unknowledgable, and completely trivializes the use of OS X. Bottom line, all he talks about is Hotline and Carracho sites. These sites are warez sites. In...
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    ATI Radeon in OS X

    Yes, simply plug in your s-video cable into the TV and the Radeon, turn on the TV, then turn on the computer. Then go to System Prefs - Displays and you'll see the simulscan resolutions. It has been kinda buggy for me though.
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    OS X boots into OS 9 after crash

    Although this particular issue has never occured with me, I would suggest zaping the PRAM which will of course boot you into Classic, but then see what happens when you crash, if you crash in OS X. You may want to look into why OS X is crashing...ultimately it shouldn't be happening. --Heig