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  1. J

    Coupla Tiger questions...

    Cool, thanks guys! Happy hunting!!
  2. J

    Coupla Tiger questions...

    First off, does the Setup assistant work with secondary drives in the same computer, or only Target Disk Mode/Firewire drives? I have two drives in my G5, with data mirrored to both. I'd love to be able to do an "Erase and Install", then migrate my data from the other drive with Setup Assistant...
  3. J

    Apple G4 Mirror Doors Power Supply/Fan Replacement Kit

    We all thought that too, I think. But when the kit comes, the instruction manual begins with an important reminder to dispose of the old power supply in a manner that meets local waste management regs... So, sell away, eh?
  4. J

    Apple G4 Mirror Doors Power Supply/Fan Replacement Kit

    I just installed mine in the last hour, and man, what a difference! Before, I'd hear the variable-speed fan almost constantly, but the most annoying part was the constant 'whine' of the power supply fans. After the replacement was installed, the machine is as quiet as any recent tower I've...
  5. J

    USB Printer sharing problem

    Hopefully this is the correct forum in which to post this. I did some searching, but there wasn't anything about this particular problem. Details: I have a G4/dual-gig/MDD and an older Sawtooth G4/400, both running 10.2.2 and there's an Epson SP750 attached to the dual-gig, with printer...
  6. J

    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    I have two accounts in Mail: one from my ISP that is my primary account, and it's POP. My email account is my secondary account, and I don't see any options anywhere to make it a POP account... Could you tell us how to do it? Do I have to do it from my iTools account on the Apple...
  7. J

    "Smart" copy/replace in OS X.1?

    Does anyone know of a Finder-replacement or utility that will do this? I got so reliant on CopyAgent under OS 9.x, that I'm goin' crazy now... I do my backups as essentially just a progressive archive. I REALLY need a utility or something that will let me just drag and drop from one volume to...
  8. J

    File name extension problem

    I downloaded a freeware app called Quick Change that is supposed to be a simple type/creator/extension changer. The problem is that the dang thing appended all my MP3s with the phrase "No Document Selected"!!! So, for example, I have one called "birthday.mp3No Document Selected"... I haven't...
  9. J

    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    Just discovered a cool thing in Mail. Select a bit of text in an email that you want to reply to, and it'll automatically be quoted in your reply! I thought that was pretty neat... An aside: does anyone know how to make Mail download your email instead of leaving it on the server? I...
  10. J

    Importing mailboxes from Netscape?

    I'm having trouble trying to get the import process to work correctly. I've got about 10 mailboxes in my Netscape Users folder under OS 9.1. When I try and import them into, I get the weirdest assortment of oddities. I had about 40 messages in my Inbox, Mail imported 322! And none of...
  11. J

    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    Does anyone know if there's a way to change the keys that do the app switching in the dock? I use Illustrator a lot, and Cmd-tab changes the selector mode. In OS 9.x you could change the app-switching shortcut (or at least turn it off). Is this possible in 10.1? Thanks, John
  12. J

    Enhanced copying utility for X?

    Does anyone know if there is a utility available for OS X that has functionality similar to CopyAgent for OS 9.x? I'd like to be able to do "smart copying" and "smart replacing" in my archiving of my files. Any ideas? Many thanks, John-o