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    At what time MacWorld starts at your place?!

    Noon for me, but I have school, so 3:30. : )
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    do you honestly think...

    But what would make them want to do such a thing? Why not just run FreeBSD?
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    Favorite OSX IRC client?

    bitchx for OS X, snak for OS 9
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    Nah, my mistakes were meant to be, um, funny? = )
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    <i>Oh, and here's another bubble to burst. Despite popular opinion, "you are" is consolidated to "you're", not "your". Teehee.</i> Thank you for that little Enlgish lesson, I now have mastered the strange world of contraction's . . . Also, I doubt many people buy Mac's because they really...
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    "The evolution of technology may be changed forever."

    I'm curious, how was that an educated guess?
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    The Register Follow up article

    Does anyone else think "Tog" is an idiot? Seriously . . . That guy always seems to get on my nerves.
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    New Idea

    Thin clients are neat. I really don't see Apple doing anything with them though being Sun already has a tight grip on that market and that market really isn't directed towards consumers.
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    We are the robots, any1?

    Well yes most Roxy Music is well . . . Not very intresting, though I should admit I was never really intrested in glam (unless you consider Iggy glam) . . . But rememeber Eno wasn't in the band that long and the stuff he worked on was never really popular . . . Also Eno always was doing...
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    We are the robots, any1?

    Well I was refering to Roxy Music Eno which would be 73, 74. As for his solo projects, I would say 77 when Music for Films was released.
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    We are the robots, any1?

    "kraftwerk is the inspiration for all major detroit techno and other electronic dance pioneers . . ." I really wouldn't agree with that statement. It seems there are two camps, the Kraftwerk camp and the Eno/Cage camp. But then again, inspiration is a tricky thing.
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    AI any1?

    I think once people started putting him/her on ignore (myself included), him/her thought it would be a good idea to create worthless topics. That's all I have to say on the matter
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    We are the robots, any1?

    Kraftwerk is really bad electronic based music. The only reason I give them a tad bit of respect is for inspiring Carl Craig thus inspiring the whole Detroit rave scene, which really brought techno to where it is now.
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    No, most of the comments I saw were: Windows is about 99 bucks, Lindows is 99 bucks, why buy Lindows which only half works? or . . . Can't wait till they flop so maybe they will free up some source. or . . . Back in 1992-1993 we were shooting on the set of Sodomy Street, a take...
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    To Go Where No PC Has Gone Before

    What's your beef with open source? And why is Linux un-"sable"?
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    Why? Honestly, my mom likes using Windows, so does my brother. Linux appeals to a diffrent market right now, and I don't see that changing. Your seeing more and more people drift away from "ideals" (GNU) that simply want to crush large corperations . . . Why is this? Well most...
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    <i>Office is where the majority of the M$ profit, I thought that you knew that Fraggy. Why do you think that they are not going to support Office 97 anymore while simutaneously removing 2k from the shelves. So they can start with "software as a service", a.k.a. subscription model. Hence .net. I...
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    To Go Where No PC Has Gone Before

    Ed, if you were curious MS makes very little money off the consumer market. So the idea to think that they would make a lot of profit from the sale of OS X on X86 is just plain silly. And if they even attempted to ask Dell, IBM or another manufacturer they would be turned down on the spot.
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    MS makes little money from the consumer market.