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    I know we're not supposed to be on this topic, but I can't help it. Socialism or varying degrees thereof: Whereby any state, government or public institution retains majority ownership or provides majority funding to an institution, public or private, for the greater benefit of society...
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    Can Apple ever make up for the big mistake?

    Maytag, GE, whatever. All the rage these days are the frontloaders. Someone's actually figured out that gravity is of useful assistance in beating the crud out of clothing, (Europe). Man, they do a great job. Use whatever soap you want, too. But back to the idea at hand... I want to ask...
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    Cars... Let's see who drives what

    What about those of us who own two wheels instead of four? Honda VTR1000F --- Power to weight ratio of .26 if I did the math right. and the bus for winter... :p
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    Advice On Memory Upgrade

    Another vote for Other World.... Good experience several times.... But then I haven't done anything with Crucial to know otherwise... pk
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    Using IrDA and cellphone to connect to the net?

    Yes, you can. With a Nokia, Motorola, or Ericsson that has IrDA, you can dial out to your ISP, but then you 'only' get 9600bps (Voicestream). Do it all the time with my Nokia 8290 and and old Palm 3. Good enough for simple browsing and email. That was then... Now VoiceStream, (and a bunch...
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    Installing OSX- PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro

    Hi there, I got OSX.1 from Apple. Came with 9 and Developer Tools CD. Went to and grabbed Unsupported Utility X and instructions to install onto my machine. Using the utility, it says that it cannot "find a open firmware image" on the OSX CD. About my machine...