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    I wonder where these Apple terms came from.

    Don't know the origin of the Macintosh name, but the first iMac was indeed named that to denote how easy it is to get on the internet with it.
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    Vell, I vas born in Chermany, und I kame ofer to ze United Schtates ven I vas chust a yung boy! German is my native language, as I was born there. We emigrated to the U.S. when I was six. Unfortunately, I speak very little German today; my parents went through the war on the losing side, and...
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    Should the US go metric?

    I've owned metric tools since the mid-1960s, when I started working as a mechanic on VWs, and I can't believe the U.S. is still bucking the tide on this! It's so much easier than 1/2", 17/32", etc.
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    I just came over from macnn

    KarlG present and accounted for!
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    Show us your ride!

    It's a '97 GrandAm GT.
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    Can Mac display on remote machine

    If I understand you correctly, this may be what you're looking for.
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    Best text Printer?

    For text printing, you can't beat HP! I've owned a half dozen, and sold hundreds of them. If you want photo quality, Epson is the way to go, but their text is a little fuzzy. For home use, check these HPs out.
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    TiBook with a 22" Apple Cinema Display?

    It will be possible shortly, but there are still some issues being worked on. Check out Gefen's web site for further info. One of my customers has one on order, and there are compatibility issues that are still being resolved. The white iBook does not have an ADC connector. The only Macs...
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    How old are you?

    I'm so old I was around before the Dead Sea was even sick: I'm 54! If any of you young whippersnappers need advice from a mature man, don't call me; I'm old, not mature! :D
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    OS X 10.1 complaints... STRAIGHT FROM APPLE

    This is amazing! We're sitting here talking about how many bounces it takes to open an application! Is this going to be the new standard terminology? I can just see it now; "My AppleWorks opens in one Megabounce, how about yours?" Your reply will be, "Gee, thanks for letting me know that. I...
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    MacNN forums still down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I too doubt that MacNN is going away! They are having problems getting a new server running, but their site is very popular. I read somewhere that it's one of the most visited Mac sites on the web. I ran across this site while MacNN was down, and I'll stick around, because it's also good and useful.
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    List of new drivers?

    The following are plugin files in my 10.1 Libraries/printers folder. PM720C.plugin PM3500C.plugin SC880.plugin SC860.plugin SC777.plugin SC760.plugin SC740.plugin SC680.plugin PM920C.plugin PM900C.plugin PM880C.plugin PM780CS.plugin PM780C.plugin The following link should...
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    Yes there are plenty of applications that you can print from in OS X; that's not the point. The point is that the operating system is now ready, and for those of us who use it professionally it is an annoyance. As to finding nothing better to do and hanging around in these forums, you're...
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    You can, and I will, use AppleWorks. I don't plan to buy MS Office X; the price is ridiculous for home use, and I've never needed it in all the years (18) that I've owned computers.
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    Great news! Following is a copy of the e-mail I received today from Epson, in response to one I sent them yesterday! Dear Mr. G******: Epson has been and continues to be fully committed to supporting the Macintosh market, including support for the Mac OS X operating system. Therefore...
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    remaining reasons for forcing us back into OS 9?

    Printing! My wonderful Epson Photo 870 still isn't supported by 10.1, and Epson is foot dragging on this issue! The drivers site for this printer,, says that Epson "hopes" to provide drivers for OS X! Well, folks, guess...
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    Epson - why no uproar ?

    E-mail He is a VP of Marketing, whom I e-mailed a couple of months ago. A tech support person replied with the list of printers that Epson "hopes" to support (found at Epson's driver site, This...
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    Warranty claim ( PB G4 )

    A reclarification of my earlier post: All PB/iBooks do not have to go back to Apple, but it does depend on what is wrong with the unit and whether the reseller is an Apple Specialist or not. Apple Specialist shops, such as the two that I work out of, can do minor repairs, such as keyboard...
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    WTF is with CompUSA, and XP?

    quote: ______________________________________________________________________ I read where some people in here thought that because Microsoft owns 10% of CompUSA, the stores are pushing Windows XP. I also read about some Mexican billionaire, but didn't quite see the relevance. I just want to...
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    WTF is with CompUSA, and XP?

    No; neither of the above. oldmac used to work for CompUSA for over six years (I was a glutton for punisment)! Now oldmac sells only Macs for an Apple Specialist. oldmac just tries to keep up with the industry.:D