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    ISDN Modem

    I assume there is an ethernet interface between the ISDN TA and the eMac. That being the case, what is the problem that you are having? Do either of the B channels connect? If so, are you able to ping your gateway from the eMac? Describe the problem a bit more please.
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    New / Old iPods

    I watched the Keynote on Wednesday and saw the neat new things Apple is doing with the iPod. But, as an owner of the original 5 gig pod, was curious to see what new features I could use. So, since the keynote, I have been looking on Apple's site for the firmware upgrade so I can take advantage...
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    Internet Kiosk with Mac OS X

    I am interested in turning two iMac's with OS X in to kiosks. Currently, Internet Explorer launches on boot but it leaves everyone able to acces the finder and mess with things I don't want them to mess with. So... how can I limit access to everything except to Internet Explorer and maybe...
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    I have installed MySQL and it is running. However, one of my programmers noticed that the DBI module was missing. I can't remember where I downloaded the MySQL package. Does anyone know where I can get the DBI module and possibly a bunch of other modules. Has anyone else been missing the DBI...
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    Multiple IP addresses on two subnets

    I have had OS X happy with 6 or 7 addresses on a single subnet and apache has 5 different virtual hosts and it was working great. However, now I have OS X setup with its primary address on one subnet and its secondary addresses on a different subnet and it doesn't seem to work. If I add the...
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    cgi and Apache

    I have apache running well and serving up all kinds of web pages. However, I am having a bit of trouble with cgi scripts. I have apache set up to recognize both cgi and perl scripts and I can run the scripts from the command line. But when I try to get to them via the web, I get either a...
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    .htaccess problem

    Be sure to enable htaccess to override permissions in apache. Also check out for more info. Look for the line "AllowOverride" in your apache.conf file and set it to all. Currently it is probably at none. That should do it. Ian
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    OS X and Multiple IP Addresses

    Thanks a million. It seems to be working great. A quicktime streaming server and apache all on a G4. Awesome! Thanks! Ian
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    OS X and Multiple IP Addresses

    Thanks. That seems to be working fine when I ad it but when I restart, everything seems to revert to the old settings. The machine will respond to the new address after I add it and apache will server up the corresponding web pages but as soon as I restart, the machine only responds to the IP...
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    OS X and Multiple IP Addresses

    I really need to get my OS X to respond to more than one IP address. I would like apache to respond to two different IP addresses for two virtual hosts. I have apache set up properly and it seems to be working but since the machine won't respond to more than one IP addresses, it does me no...
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    Quicktime Streaming Server

    I have QuicktimeTime Streaming Server installed and it says it is up and running but when I try to get to the video clip from a different machine, it tells me that it is an unsupported media type. It is a hinted movie and I have re-hinted it with Quicktime Pro. Any ideas?
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    OSX Deathly slow

    I have never used that software. I have had some trouble myself getting internet type apps working from Classic on OS X. They don't seem to be able to see that I am connected to the network. Oh well.
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    Audio in OS X

    I have not had any trouble with Audio in OS X. The Apple CD player has been a bit untrustworthy but, all in all, everything has been working well. I can't wait for OS X and Pro Tools 5 to be on the same page.
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    OSX Deathly slow

    On my machine, OS X runs quite well. Classic is not all that speedy itself but doesn't seem to slow OS X down too much. What is your load average when classic is running?
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    My machines won't sleep...

    My machine won't sleep after it's 30 minute time frame or when I tell it to. The monitor will eventuall sleep but both hard disks just keep spinning. I would like to see a one second recovery from sleep mode but I don't know if I can get the machine to sleep in the first place. Any...
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    Running FINE!

    I have an Adaptec SCSI card in my B & W G3 and OS X sees it just fine. I haven't tried to find my CD burner but my SCSI hard disk showed up after installing OS X and has never gone away. One question I have: Someone mentioned that their cable modem worked fine for OS X and Classic...
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    Success B&W G3 400

    After one issue with the installer, (clicking restart froze the machine once the installation had finished) I have had nothing but success on a Blue and White G3 at 400 Mhz with 256M of ram. Apple has done it again!