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    iTunes oddities

    while itunes is running in full screen mode, adjust your monitor manually to fill the area of the bars. when you quit itunes, the monitor will automatically readjust to normal settings. i am not sure how to adjust the horizontal or vertical on an lcd screen, but there must be a way. MacRichie
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    iTunes oddities

    i found the same problem on my g4, where the older itunes from os x, 10.04 full screen worked fine, but the newer itunes from os x, 10.1 left a bar on the left. i fixed my problem by running itunes full screen and adjusting the monitor manually from the monitor itself (recentering and expanding...
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    Chat Software?

    Rather than just browse the articles, comments, etc., chat would offer this site another means of communication between members on various subjects and I think it might facilitate responses to some issues that arise with OS X problems, but ultimately, the decision should depend on the relative...
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    Java problems with Explorer/OmniWeb

    Hey, folks. I have Internet Explorer and OmniWeb up and running with OS X. I have made sure the preferences of each are set to run Java Applets and anything Java on internet websites. (On my site, I use both sound and graphics which use Java scripts and Java classes.) There is no "Plug-ins"...
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    AOL with OS X?

    Hey, folks. There is no instant answer to the aol incompatibility. I test for AOL also and they reassure me that by the time (early in 2001, giggle) os x is ready, they will be too. But there is hope for those of us who a) won't wait that long and b) set up OS X correctly so that restarts...