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    If you can't get the 10.1 upgrade....

    Curiosity got the better of me, and I actually cracked open the little Software License Agreement booklet that came with the free "Up-to-Date" 10.1 upgrade. Actually, there is no specific 10.1 license agreement. The agreement that came with 10.1 is a word for word reprint of the software...
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    10.1 - No luck in North Jersey

    Since nothing was on TV, I jetted once again back up Route 10 to the East Hanover CompUSA--SUCCESS! They still had copies of the free upgrade as of 8:46 PM. Unless there was a stream of Mac users in the 15 minutes before closing, those who line up at the door at 11 AM Sunday morning should...
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    10.1 - No luck in North Jersey

    Thank you, Robert, I've got my name on a waiting list in Springfield. But just in case, I suppose I'll make the trek down to Princeton for church and swing by CompUSA right after. At least there's a really good all-you-can eat Asian place in the same plaza. I hope CompUSA has some copies...
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    MacOS 10.1 in Deutschland

    According to a forum post over on, someone from Hannover, Germany, got the upgrade from a reseller.
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    10.1 - No luck in North Jersey

    Well, a group of anxious Mac users crowded the parking lot of the Springfield, NJ, CompUSA. (One guy even had a "GETAMAC" license plate.) We all stood around inside for 30-40 minutes, eagerly clutching our "Up-to-Date" coupons, while the red-shirts milled about trying to determine if they got a...