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    Remove 1 file to show Setup Assitant (along with the movie)?

    Now I know there is a way to do this, but you can delete a file on OS X and the next time you reboot, it'll bring up the setup assistant program as if you had reinstalled the entire OS with the system wiped. Does anyone know what file this is that I have to delete?
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    no list with login Window - only boxes

    What version of Tiger are they running? 10.4 10.4.1 10.4.2?
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    Enabling Netboot in Server Admin - problems

    Now I haven't worked with this but here it goes: You have to enable one share point to be used for NetImages - ok we got that down We have to be able to share NetBootSPx in Library over... AFP???... so that when they boot from NetBoot it loads that. Also, be sure you have an image created and...
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    du vs df - misreported disk usage on OS X?

    Repair the disks/permissions that may help. Do you have file vault enabled? Other than that its a disk/permission issue from what I see. I just ran du -sh -c * on mine and guess what it reported. Down at the bottom where you have 160G mine says 15G, my space usage is 5GB. It's a 20GB (18.6GB)...
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    User Disk Quota and Mounted Volumes

    Found out it was for the entire hard disk. The groups, users, and all the data is on one hard drive. We just had to disable it.
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    User Disk Quota and Mounted Volumes

    It seems as though that the disk quota adds up for mounted volumes and users. The volumes + user home folder adds to the quota amount. How do I fix this? Each user has 1GB Disk quota, home folders are 300MB at first, and the mounted folder is using 300MB of disk space. How do we fix this?
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    Software for wedding invites?

    Indesign is good for setup layouts, but Illustrator would probably be the best way to go for Wedding invitations. I think of Indesign as (which it is mainly) document set up. Like if you had a list of invitations and wanted specific tables, and maybe a picture or that. Or... what do they call...
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    AFP Service Dropping Users

    Today we had a problem, on a PMG5 10.4.2 Server, with AFP. It was having errors with AppleTalk and that. Couldn't initialize it or anything. My school called the Administrator to see if he could fix it, he said he'd have to re-install the server, and that he thought he did something to it. I...
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    MAC Noobie, In need of major help!

    There are lots of key commands that do different things when starting up, like holding down the mouse button ejects the cdrom, along with the eject key (usually marked as F12 on laptops). Control + Option + P + R - hold for 3 restarts - resets PRAM. S for single user mode. Just tons of things...
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    Problem Setting Automount Permissions

    Set the group with write rights on the folder and set others to Read-Only. You can do this by control-clicking on the folder, changing the group, and setting the rights to it. That's about the only way I can think of doing it, but I know there is another way.
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    Looking for NetBoot expert(s)

    Just post your q?'s and we'll do our best to answer them.
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    100% CPU Usage

    Create a new User, login as that user, use that user, problem should be fixed.
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    FS: Toshiba PC Notebook

    If it was a Pentium I'd consider it, but Celerons are the worst, at least AMD's low cost processors (Duron, Sempron) still pack a wallop (why did apple deal with the devil and go with intel, AMD along with Apple combined with ATI would be the perfect computer)
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    Weird little box

    DO you have an external hard drive? - If so install Tiger to that along with your other apps and see if that fixes it, if it does, backup everything you need reformat your computer and rinstall the OS along with the apps. If its photoshop check adobe for updates or the apple software update menu.
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    Powerbook G3 Lombard, MacOS X 10.3.9, problems after sleep.

    Your PRAM battery may have received incorrect settings, did the screensize reset? (Resolution) - just make sure that your firmware is updated, and be sure to update your battery's firmware for OS X - I did on my iBook and I get like 10 Min. more of power. Repair permissions after any major...
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    Connecting internet to 2nd ethernet port on Xserve

    In Sharing->Internet, you could configure that up, see if that works. If not, I'm not sure either how to setup forwarding.
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    Wallstreet Powerbook Os 9.1 Wake Problem

    Sonnet card may be the problem. The other thing is it could be the PMU - reset the PMU
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    Pismo too hot?

    Finder and 100%+ of the CPU, its a common problem with older accounts. Try what ElDiablo said by creating a new user account. This was a major problem for OS X 10.3.7 or 8 I think it was. Finder would run at 100% and things would freeze, hang, and just be darn slow.
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    OSX System Requirements

    How many's a couple G4's? - I have a G3 iBook 500Mhz and Tiger runs well. With the G4 processor it'll run better than my G3 iBook because it has the Altivec Processor on it.
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    Mac Can't Connect To PC

    Try cifs://ipaddress/ or cifs://ipaddress/share