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    finding release errors

    I have a bit of a problem with some code - when I get to [pool release]; it exits with either a signal 10 or signal 11. I suspect I'm releasing something too often or not enough, but have no idea where to start looking. Any suggestions? (and where can I find the meanings of "signal 10...
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    textfile question

    Thanks for the tips, all. It's all there in the manuals...if you can find it. (finding it tends to be the hard part)
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    textfile question

    Of all the silly things... I have not yet figured out how to read/write a simple textfile. NS(Un)Archive is a nice way to load/save files, but if the file I want to read is already in text form then I don't see a good way to do it. The best thought I've had (I haven't tried it yet) is...