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    Getting ready for the BIG event

    Okeydokey. I get to be the official guinea pig for our local user group (YES! OSX is in my hot little hands even as we speak!!). I used the beta and loved it. Now I'm about to step off the cliff and install the real thing. I have: A beige MT G3 which I upgraded from 233 to 400; an...
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    Can't get rid of it!

    thanks everyone! I zapped the PRAM and that didn't seem to work. Got my OSX disk back from a friend and did the system disk routine. Then zapped the PRAM again. Seems to have cured the problem. Appreciate the help!
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    Can't get rid of it!

    After wrestling with OSX for a couple of weeks, I finally decided it had to go. I removed everything I could find associated with it but I still cannot reboot without holding down the option key. Anyone have any ideas? I'm running G3/MT/upgraded 400MHz ZIF with 192MB RAM; 3 drives...brand...