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    Cocoa 2D OpenGL Texture + easy Question

    Ok, I'm new to OpenGL, and I tought I could do it, but I'm starting to think I can't anymore. 1. I checked out Apple's OpenGL sample code with the green triangle (Green Triangle ), and I had no trouble doing it. Then I went to the NeHe tutorials to see if I could do textures...Apparently...
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    Simple cocoa icon question

    Hey. This is my first major cocoa programming project in Objective-c and I've had this problem buggin' me all day. I have an app right now that all it really does is test the classes behind it. I have a very nice icon for this app also. I'd like this icon to be the icon for the application...
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    Heat/Power PC/MAC Processors

    Anyone know where I can find a comparison of PC and MAC Processors in terms of heat and power consumption? I remember reading an article awhile ago on this and compared those results with the human brain, I thought this was amusing, but I need these facts so I can cite them in a speech I'm...
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    UNIX basics?

    hey I was a 9 wizard, but the migration to X has made me stupid, so sorry if this sounds like an elementary problem. I hope to know more about UNIX someday. I was in itunes and I noticed some color me badd tags were not right, so I tried to correct them and it wouldn't let me. I go to...
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    menubar clock freezes

    Anyone have a clue why my menu bar clock freezes? I thought it was originally a problem with VPC leeching off X's clock, but I haven't been in that in a while. Then I thought that maybe this program itunes clock had something to do with it, but that app isn't always open. (an applicaiotn that...
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    They Bounce forever...

    Hey, sometimes when I boot up my box in X it sits there doing nothing. I'll click on AIM or some other app and it'll act like it is opening it but it'll just sit there forever bouncing it. It happens more than most when I boot X coming out of 9.1. SO, I'm stuck here, I try to force quit...
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    what's up dock?

    hey, Sometimes my dock doesn't want to hold applications like when I drag stuff to it. So, I have to open them first, then right click to say Keep in dock...any ideas? and BTW I do know the difference between an application and a document :)
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    when HALO comes out is it supposed to be for MAC OS X too? I sure hope so...two year in the making and all. Is it supposed to even come out for MAC's/PC's, or is it one of those XBOX only games? Anyone know? BRENT
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    Remote login

    Ok, When I'm at work and not doing anything is there a way I can access my mp3's and change the tags? I figured how to turn on remote telnet login, but how do I open directories when the directories have spaces in them? and then after that, how can I change the tags on a mac using 9.1...
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    Preview Toast 5 TI

    Hey, Just like VPC Toast has a preview version for X. here are two links: I downloading it myself so I really can't say anything else about it except enjoy...
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    Divisons in dock

    Anyone find out how to add divisions into the dock? I'd like to create a different division just for my docklings. BRENT
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    Diablo II on X

    Ok everyone, I just tryed to Run Diablo II in Mac OS X and I was pretty sad to see that just moving the cursor was choppy...ew. Maybe this can be fixed by telling Diablo II to use a different type of software rendering? I don't know I havn't tried. I'll post a new thread at the end to this...
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    Toast Titanium

    Does anyone out there have Toast 5 Titanium. I hear from different places that it works in X...but does it really? I though this place would be the place to go! BRENT
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    Good news from keyspan!

    They recently announced X support coming to most of their USB devices. Some of their stuff already has X support. That is why yesterday I got the digital media IR remote. They say Technical support is by email only...for now.
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    You Want UNIX???

    Try this for kicks: login as root and go to the terminal. Then, type in kill 1 then hit the return key. That kills process ID 1 (INIT)...basically everything the OS X GUI is. Before you know it, it looks like you got the terminal window full screen or even dos...but it's unix, but a bit...
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    DO NOT stuff in applications folder

    yeah, I tried to customize my X Applications folder a bit by putting all the standard stuff in that folder into a seperate folder and I realized that you can't move the general preferences or the I believe it was the Utilities folder. And, if you move Sherlock the Command-F won't work from the...