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    RDC - Can from Parallels Not from MacOSX

    Hello, Im running a 15" MacBook Pro 2.33 2GB and Version 10.4.9. I suddenly could not connect to my work machine from home with Microsoft Remote Desktop.. On my home desktop mac it works fine.. then I was in Parallels (W2kPro) and decided to try MS Remote Desktop from there.. It worked fine...
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    Little help.. ftp / curl

    ok, im just going to ask for help rather then go over all the scripts and such that i have tried with no success. I need to upload a file (eg.. /Library/Preferences/EDI/edi.ingate.cro) every 20 mins or so.. Ive come down to I just need a simple script that I will run with CRON. So my...
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    Reinstalling MacBook

    I did the transfer from my 15" powerbook to to my macbook and I was not happy with any of the performance. I decided that my powerbook was bogged down with so much stuff that maybe it would be best to slowly install fresh copies of stuff on the MacBook. So, I backed everything up and tryed to do...
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    Well, finally ID gives us this. hehe In case any of you want to run this. I am going to post one of the ways to do this. Note- I have Quake3 installed in /Applications/Games/Quake3 you will have to change any paths to your quake install. Default it /Applications/Quake3...
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    limbo crash

    I wish that was my I cant even get it installed. If someone wants to give me there files that would be great. Im getting 10.1 tommorow thou and im praying that fixes my isues.:mad: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...