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    2nd Hard drive and OS9

    I have a couple of games (Myst among others) that I miss playing. What is Sheep Shaver?
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    2nd Hard drive and OS9

    I fI install a second hard drive on my g5, can I install os9 on it and boot up using that drive? Thanks, Brian
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    Insufficient privileges

    I figured it out. moved old copy onto trash and updated without over-writing. Thanks for having this forum Brian
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    Insufficient privileges

    I am trying to update to Firefox 3.5. After downloading I get a message that I don't have sufficient privileges. what is that supposed to mean? And how do I fix it? Running 10.5.8 on a G5. Thanks, Brian
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    Quick Question on upgrading G5 OSX

    I just received the Mac box set that contains 10.5.6, iLife 09 and iWork 09 for $189. from iUnitek. You might give them a try. PowerMax has 10.5 but I don't remember the price.
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    Quick Question on upgrading G5 OSX

    I have a G5 w/dual 1.8 processor and I just 2 days ago upgraded to Leopard 10.5.8. I t works great! No problems. So you should be fine.
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    Upgrading from 10.3.9 to 10.5

    Thanks for the help. Hopefully all goes well.
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    Upgrading from 10.3.9 to 10.5

    I am thinking about upgrading my G5 to Leopard. I currently have Panther installed and was going to jump right to Leopard. Are there any issues I will need to be aware of in the upgrading process? Thanks, Brian
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    zinio reader update problem

    After downloading the Feb edition of Macworld a promt to upgrade the Zinio reader is displayed. No option is given to use my cuuent version of Zinio to open the file, I must upgrade to view the file. (I can open old magazine editions just not the latest one). When the download is complete and...
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    Best digital photo software?

    I just got a new Panasonic digital camera for my daughter and wonder what is the best all-around photo software. All-around meaning ease of use, feature availability and price. This is our first digital camera, but she will be using it for school photo class. Any help with this is appreciated.
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    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    Thats what I thought! But according to the SF chronicle "In the past, even the cable connection between the Macintosh and its printers and monitors was specially made for Apple products. "Now, the firm is using the PC industry standard USB plugs for its peripheral devices like the mouse...
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    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    I just read an article that stated Apple has adopted the industry standard USB for connecting peripherals (priners, mice etc). Didn't Apple start the USB connection craze. brian
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    can't log off

    I have a dp1.8, 10.3.9. All the regular (std) accounts can log off but my acct (admin) will not log off. Click on the apple>log out....nothing. Used keyboard..still nothing. Can't shut down either. Any ideas?
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    World of Warcraft Friday Release!!!

    WoW works great on my machine. Have gx5200 card and 1gb of ram.
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    iPod a says Kevin Rollins

    I just saw an article today that Kevin Rollins (Dell guru), said that iPods are just a fad. Funny...didn't they say talking pictures were just a fad. The list goes on. I would hate to be a Dell stockholder right now. With Rollins spouting that kind of stuff. I would want my company to try...
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    OSX night runs

    Hey, I am starting to get used to my new g5 1.8dp, finally. I wondered if any one can tel me what programs run at night (ie permissions, etc), daily, weekly and monthly and what days they run. I saw something that mentioned 3:15am, 4:15am and 5:15am, but could be wrong. Thanks, Brian H
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    Mail problem...2 accounts checking mail

    I guess my orig post is unclear. I have 4 users on my G5. The admin and one other user can check mail. If I as the admin checks Mail, can my wife check the mail and get the sames messages. Is this accomplished by "leaving message on server"? Thanks, Brian
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    Mail problem...2 accounts checking mail

    I have a problem. How can 2 accounts access mail and both still get all emails? Is there a way to transfer mail messages from one account to another. I use OSX Mail. Thanks, Brian H Kenai, AK
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    The Bible (Split from "The Bible on your iPod"

    The question seems to boil down to faith. No one can measure one's faith or lack of it. We have all been given the ability (gift) of faith. Christianity is also a "gift". Some would say that religion is for the "simple-minded". Christianity is "simple" for a reason. Anyone, (even children), were...
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    HELP! USB Drive not Mounting

    I have the same problem with an external usb hard drive. I was using it for backup on an old G3 iMac. I bought a new G5 1.8 and tried to transfer files from the old to the new. The drive doesn't show-up on the desktop but is in the system profiler. The Apple tech suggested trashing some...