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    Star Wars vs. DVD Player

    Anybody else having trouble playing the new Star Wars DVDs on OSX DVD Player 4.0? I have tried two Episode 4 (A New Hope) discs and in both DVD Player hangs in chapter 26. I have to wonder if Georgie Boy has stuffed some crap in these that "normal" DVD players are not sensitive to.
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    PPP Over Infrared port?

    Can OSX set up a PPP connection over the infrared port of an original bondi-blue iMac? Thanks, ---jmo
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    Any G5 Troubles, Y'all?

    Anybody see this one?.... Twice now, upon waking my dual G5 after it has slept through the night, the 20" LCD Cinema Display shows a scrolling cubist abstraction. This is with the ATI 9600 and OSX 10.2.8. Also, the system does not always put the display to sleep when it is suppossed to...
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    Formac Studio TVR for cable tv?

    Anybody have experience watching tv on their Macs via Formac's Studio TVR? I read a review or two the said the resulting picture was "choppy". I would like to know how the picture quality compares on formac&Mac vs. a normal tv. I don't want Buffy TVS to be any more choppy than she was meant...
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    Dual 2GHz G5 for the home???

    At what point can one rationally say that they _need_ a Dual 2GHz G5 in the home? I am trying to decide which G5 to buy.... Irrationally, buying the Dual 2GHz G5 would help to compensate for the physical decay and loss of virility that is middle age, but I can't see any real current need...
  6. J line wrap

    I have noticed that my outgoing plain text email arrives with the lines prematurely wrapped (around 68 chars per line). When I send email to myself, I do not see this, but if I send email to MS Outlook on OS 9 or to Netscape 4.77 on Solaris, then the email is prematurely wrapped. When I use...
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    Spaces Please

    On the public beta I was using a "shareware" multiple desktops utility called Spaces. Now I can't find it for 10.0. I assume that it needs some updating. I miss it very much! Coming from the Unix world, this life with only one desktop is way too claustrophobic. Does anybody know where...