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    IRC channel

    I'm new to the mac(long time x86) and thanks to os x I believe I have been converted. I would like to find a good channel on some irc network devoted os x (and the mac in general). It has been my experance in the x86 world that a good quality irc channel is a good way to learn more about the...
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    can't see my files

    I've got a very frustrating problem on my hands... When I download something from ie I can not see the file in the finder after its done. If i go to the terminal I can see it there but the files are not visable in the gui until a restart... Any suggestions?
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    Sharity -2.4b6.sit problems

    I'm new to the mac and just got OS X up and running and would like to say I think i've been converted from wintel. That said I still have some win2k machines that I would like to access which I thought was a lost cause unless you are willing to pay top dollar. Browsing this message board...